Sunday, December 2, 2012

A November to Remember

It's finally December! Wait what?! It's CHRISTMAS month! So much has gone on this past month, including the cancelling of the marathon that I waited so long for, finally running the Philly Marathon, Thanksgiving AND the Thanksgiving Day Race I missed out on last year, whew! 

Then, the last week of November, I crammed in so many amazing things!!! I feel like I did more last week than I've done all month. It was so much fun!

We went to the Packers at Giants game, got field passes, AND met Bob Costas! I've loved Bob since the 1996 Olympics, so this was pretty fabulous for this Olympic Nut. This whole game was an incredible experience, including sideline passes clubhouse seats on the field level. The only bad part was we a lot. First game I've gone to that we lost! There's always next time....

I made my first batch of Christmas Cookies! TIS THE SEASON! I was so giddy; Christmas music, candles burning...aka dream world. I made these cookies for a special event Wednesday night...

WE WENT TO THE ROCKEFELLER TREE LIGHTING!!! A friend invited us to her office party which was 16 floors up, perfect views, and old school windows that actually opened! I stayed warm, had yummy food, and finally fulfilled my bucket list of seeing the tree lit live! Needless to say, I was thrilled. Thanks Brooke! SPOILER ALERT: Mariah Carey filmed the night before. LAME.

Friday night I went out to dinner with some awesome running friends! I had the pleasure of spending time with Stephanie and Kim, eating yummy Cuban food and discussing Stephanie's upcoming DOMINATION of the Rehoboth Marathon!

Saturday was my mom's surprise 60th birthday party! (Okay, that was technically December 1, but let's go with it) The even bigger surprise was that my sister Mrs. Waite shocked her by walking in! (She lives in California) All the sisters together for laughs, snacks, wine and movies. Best day ever.

So, what's on the agenda for December? Well, getting back to exercise, that's for darn sure. I've taken two weeks off for important things such as sleeping in, carb loading, finishing off the pumpkin beers, oh wait, I'm not in training! So, I'm currently forming my plan. A plan to get back on track. A plan to ensure fitting into party clothes! WOOHOO!

What are your December plans? Are you hosting a holiday shindig? Are you traveling for the holidays? Have you been on the healthy train since Thanksgiving?! TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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