Saturday, November 5, 2011

ING NYC Marathon Eve

I am so stinking nervous. I think that's a good thing. This day included breakfast, a bright Team World Vision manicure, giving Lambeau a bath, carb loading, and water loading. A whole lot of slothing about if you ask me.
Carbs consumed? Check check.
Race Gear. Including but not limited to:
-Team shirt/race outfit
- iPhone holder
- Fuel Belt
- iFitness belt
- Fuel inside both belts
- Throw away gloves, earmuffs, and sweatshirt.
- Race bib (This is the one thing I would forget)
Post Race Gear. Including but not limited to:
- Cold compresses
- Change of socks
- Pants and a sweatshirt
- Recoverite and a Nalgene bottle to pour it into
- Goldfish Saltine Crackers
- Aleve
- Recovery sneakers

Race Goals:

Goal D: 4:50 finish

Goal C: 4:40 finish

Goal B: 4:30 finish

Goal A: FINISH!!!

This is it. Tomorrow is my baptism by Boroughs. Tomorrow, I am a Finisher. This WSJ article got me all sorts of choked up at breakfast (Yes, it was in public). It details how marathons are one of the remaining sports where elites and amateurs can all compete. The end really touched me. I will leave you with this:

"You have to hang around for the Finishers, but they're worth it. If you stand on any avenue you can see Finishers having moments during the race with family and friends—struggling bodies energizing at the sight of recognizable faces and handwritten signs. The Finisher hobbles over—a mom, a dad, a pal. There's a quick, jubilant group hug, and high-fives all around. Nobody's watching the clock. Nobody cares that mom or dad smells like gym socks. You can't help but be moved. It's like watching 50 long-distance telephone commercials in a row.

They still have miles to run. But Finishers make New York." - Jason Gay, WSJ Reporter

See you on the other side. As a Finisher.

14 hours until the ING NYC MARATHON!!!

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