Friday, November 4, 2011

ING NYC Marathon Weekend

It has been a whirlwind couple of days. I had a movie/veg out night Wednesday night with Mr. Miller watching Spirit of the Marathon, holy tears and chills! This got me geared up for the wave of emotions that are bound to take place this Sunday.Thursday night, we expo'd. I love the free signs for spectators!!!
There's my bib! Remember the number. Track me if you'd like.
Run for life. It's a promise.
Can you sense the excitement?
Even the low carb beers are getting in on the marathon action! Sorry Mich Ultra, I'll probably throw back a full carb Sam Adams something after the 26.2!
Team World Vision is amazing. Tonight we had a team dinner. Bart Yasso was supposed to be the guest speaker but had to drop out last minute. FYI, Bart Yasso is a World Vision supporter and he has a sponsored child. He met this sponsored child during an ultra race in Africa. Bart Yasso, you just went up a notch when there wasn't a notch to go up. Fundraising update: Almost 400 kids have been sponsored through this team of runners. Want to get us to our goal? Comment about sponsoring a child today.
Season 11 Biggest Loser WINNER Olivia Ward came out to support her husband who is running with Team world Vision. FYI, she is a FABULOUS person, and a great photographer (See Team picture above!!!). Olivia and Hannah will be in the Nissan Leaf leading the women's Elite runners at the race! Go Team Purple! See you next year in the marathon???

My coworkers are the best of the best. Every single person I saw today was full of "Good Lucks" and "I'm so excited for you!" and other wonderfully encouraging words. This card was given to me by a friend who has been fundraising and running 1/2 marathons for Crohns and Colitis. Ms. Coombs, your marathon is going to happen...I just know it!!!
Happy 30th birthday to Kate. My sister (Center) had a milestone birthday today! She came into the city, and the McAuliffe girls took over Manhattan. They were also full of encouragement. It's a huge boost to see my family so close to the race.

My mind is on overdrive. I'm trying to wrap my mind around what is going to happen this Sunday. It seems impossibly close. Months of waiting. Months of training. Months of worrying. Months of preparing. Months of doubts. Months of firsts. Months of struggles. Months of accomplishment. All wrapped into one day. 10:40am 11/6/11 can't come any faster.

1 day until the ING NYC MARATHON!!!

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