Saturday, November 26, 2011

No Thanksgiving Day Race Recap here folks....

So, in case you missed it, I was sick. It all started Tuesday night, as stated in my previous post. I was apparently sick for a while, but because I ignored a lot of little things as "I'm just not feeling well today" type of symptoms. Nothing was severe, nothing said "Go to the doctor and get a prescription!" If I had done that, things would have turned out way differently. Instead, I spent our 3 hour traffic ridden drive to Connecticut (Thanks Mr. Miller for being a traffic trooper!) Wednesday shivering in fleece pants, wool socks, Uggs, a sweatshirt and down vest. Oh yea, and a Lambeau Lap Puppy. He's warm and toasty. When I got to my parent's house, mommy took over and immediately put me in her bed and ran the show. My fever finally somewhat broke around 9pm. I am thankful for my mommy. Thanksgiving morning I had a slight fever, but a steady flow of Tylenol kept it at bay most of the time. I am thankful for Tylenol. The worst part was that it apparently spread to my kidneys. I had extreme lower back pain since the end of last week, and I thought it was because of my realignment/massage/lack of running. I was constantly stretching, doing yoga, using the roller, hot showers, and bribing Mr. Miller for a massage (He always did it willingly, what a guy.) However, these interventions weren't doing any good and that should have tipped me off as well. It turned into stabbing pain Tuesday night whenever I moved, coughed, yawned, laughed, anything. Thankfully, Thursday morning the antibiotics showed signs of finally working after three doses, and I was coherent and able to talk and make sense!I am thankful for antibiotics. I'm still recovering from the back pain and moving around carefully, but I didn't want to let it ruin my weekend with family. I am thankful for my family. Below are some pictures of me putting on a big girl face to celebrate! Warning: I will be referencing Friends Thanksgiving Episode quotes! And yes, I'm thankful for Friends Thanksgiving Episodes.What, are you afraid you're gonna run out of pie?! My mom always makes amazing homemade pies! We waited a while for these. Oh my they were good. Challenge update: I did get the walk in after the meal, but it was a very short walk (1/4 of a mile). It's all I could take. Probably even a bit much! I didn't eat too much at dinner, simply because I couldn't. Also, not pictured: Mr. Miller's parents came! We had a great time. I didn't really have my phone, but my mom took some good pictures with her camera. More to come!
We all really missed Grampy. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer's about a year ago. Three weeks ago he had to go into the hospital. He's not doing very well, and everyone missed him. Needless to say, we had a steady flow of tears while everyone went around the table to say what they were thankful for. Grampy was included in a lot of them. I am thankful that this summer we had several good visits where I learned even more about him, about history, and his experiences in the war. Praying for peace and health for your Grampy!

Challenge update number 2: Yes, I ate this. It should be noted that it was sort of a brunch. I ate fruit for breakfast and this for brunch. YUM. Ross Geller would be proud. Don't worry, I had on my "eatin' pants". I did make sure to have the thinnest layer of each item, but more turkey. Hey, it's a protein right?! Well Jim, you did it. She's finally full.

We dog-sat Lambeau's sister! This is Kerri. She's Lambeau's actual litter mate. My lifetime neighbors here in Connecticut bought Lambeau Puppy's sister because they saw how darn cute he was! They were getting ready for a wedding and needed peace, quiet, and no doggy/dress accidents! So Kerri came to play. They had fun. Truth be told, Urban dweller Lambeau was a little put off that we banished him outside! Crying and scratching at the door. Pansy. MAN UP! Play outdoors.
This is the wedding! Mark and Sandy had a beautiful wedding set in a historic barn. Mark and I grew up building forts in the woods, playing basketball together, and when it rained, pool and air hockey tournaments! They're a fabulous couple, we are so thrilled for them! Thankfully I was feeling good, but towards the end it was too much activity for me. I even tried to dance, but the Twist really didn't agree with my back.

Today, I'm determined to be productive. I'm going to arrange our Christmas Card list and Gift List. If I'm going to have a quiet weekend, might as well do something productive.

What are you doing to be productive this weekend? How is the running? I will try not to be jealous, I promise.

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