Wednesday, November 9, 2011

ING NYC Marathon in Pictures

I'm recovering well! Post race I've been feeling really good. I've had some tightness in my right IT band, which had already been agitated. My left leg thinks we're running a marathon tomorrow. Silly left leg. Mr. Miller is still in shock that I didn't have an injury, throw up at the end, or rendered inadequate in the walking department. I may have tripped three times in five minutes at work, but my legs are working; at least most of the time!

My family, friends, and coworkers have been EXTREMELY excited and celebratory! I've never felt so much love. Seriously. Every time I turn a corner at work I hear, "How was the race!" I'm still getting emails and texts congratulating me. It's the most amazing experience to know people around you are proud of you. I love each and every one of them. I even had a conversation with my principal about peeing during marathons, which turned into her telling me that Fergie pees on stage!? Needless to say, there has been no end to their jolly interest in my marathon adventure. Their encouragement only fuels to the fire toward new goals! (Already thinking of them...)

Did I mention I got tenured?! Yes, I was granted tenure. My binder worked. Pressure off. This week is great.

And now, the NYC Marathon in pictures. Thank you Brightroom. Thank you Paint. (Follow link to watch me finish on video!)

Holy ponytail! Sparkly Soul held it all together.

All business.


Thumbs up! FUN! Finally!

I join the elderly in being peppy (He probably schooled me with those legs!).

My glorious finish.

Aw shoot, here comes the emotional breakdown. It's hitting me.
It's all hitting me...

Tears. Glory to God.

MEDAL PHOTO PERFECTION! It turned out better than I could hope for!

It still makes me cry. I was telling a coworker about a couple I encountered during mile 24. They had pictures of their son on their shirt. The woman's shirt said "Mom" and the man's said "Dad". They were running for autism. I pulled up next to them and said "Your shirts are beautiful, your son is beautiful. Congratulations." They were so appreciative. As I retold the story today I got choked up and had tears. People are truly amazing. NYC Marathoners are amazing. Charity runners are amazing.

Who are all you people reading my blog? I'm getting tons of page views. Let me know who you are! Share your blogs! Don't be a stranger!

How's running going this week? I did some sprints at the park today. SHORT sprints. I picked up Mr. Miller with Lambeau puppy in the car. We went to the park, as we have tried to do once a week since Mr. Miller's hours changed this fall. Today, it was basically dark when we got there at 4:45. I saw a mom pushing her jogging stroller. The street lights were on. It was dusk.

She inspired me. Press on. Go till the lights turn out. Then keep going some more.
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