Monday, November 14, 2011

Post-NYC Marathon days of Glory

Medaling. First day back at work.

I have been so busy. Seriously. Between the NYC Marathon, recovering from the marathon, going back to work, receiving so many amazing compliments, my southern themed birthday party, a weekend guest, and a Foo Fighters concert, I'm exhausted. Oh, did I mention tonight is Monday Night Football featuring the PACKERS?! Needless to say, I will not be staying up for the whole thing, because it is against Minnesota. Mr. Miller is out watching it with friends because he knows I am wiped. So, since I'm so wiped, I figured I'd recap the days following the epic Marathon of my life. Honestly, there's not a lot of running going on. I know a lot of runners and bloggers get right back on the horse, but this girl needs some rest. Wednesday is my comeback day. I've recovered, done an insane amount of walking, got a massage and scolded my a chiropractor (Another time, another blog...), and have to get through Parent Teacher Conferences tomorrow (8:10am-7:30pm workday. Blech.)

So, prepare yourself for Mrs. Miller's Miles Week of Pictures!...a week later!!! As I'm playing catch up on life, I'll let you catch up with amazing visual images that made this past week exceptionally great.

I finally met up with my childhood neighbor, Melissa! We couldn't connect to run the marathon together, but we met up in Manhattan to be like kids in a candy shop giddy. Marathon LOVE was in the air! We wore our marathon medals loud and proud. Let's call it medaling.
A medaling hanging. We had to wait in line just to get into the NYRR Finisher's store! WHAT?! Semi sore runners here, easy in easy out?! Not so much. 15 minutes of waiting in line is just too darn long.
Mary Wittenberg sent me a personal email congratulating me. Thanks Mary, we'll do lunch soon.
My parents had given me orange flowers. I forgot!!! In the tissy of getting home, showering etc, my parents left to drive back to Connecticut. I forgot their cute gesture of naranja flores!
Nike Town, Thank YOU! Yes, this is awesome. In case you can't see the sign, it details finisher tee's, (FREE) medal engraving, (FREE) refreshments, and a (FREE) massage! Yes please. I took full advantage!!!
Jamba Juice Jubilee. Okay, so maybe I had two. My new marathon friend (Didn't catch his name...) and I swapped Jamba Juice retrieval duties while we waited for our massages.

Even after the marathon, ads still get me. I see this and think, "Heck yea 59th street bridge repeats. Yea Bronx rising, I rocked you." It's swell. Just swell.
How can you read this and NOT get chills!? I'm a sucker for strong sayings/statements.

"Victory is declared by us. But it's not easy to earn it. But then, nothing worthwhile was ever easy. After all, If you don't think you're the best, you're not the best."
-Nike Town NYC Ad

10 days until the Manchester Road Race!!!

...had to change the countdown! On to the next one/on to the next one...

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