Monday, November 21, 2011

Post-NYC Marathon days of Glory Part 3: Runner's Depression and back

How could I have Runner's Depression when I have a birthday/I-ran-a-marathon southern themed bonanza:

The girls in their plaids.
Pumpkin cream pies with imaginary candles!

I haven't run in two weeks. It's been two weeks since I became a Finisher of the ING NYC Marathon. Things got in the way. Birthday parties happened. Days of sleeping and lounging around happened. Visitors came to town. Concerts had to be attended. Parent Teacher Conferences messed with my schedule. And then there's the weather. The good 'ol weather. It's pretty much dark at 4:30pm, so right now at 7:51pm I feel like it's 10:00pm. Therefore, I'm not only in the midst of Runner's Depression, but I'm also fighting bear syndrome, aka hibernation. Now, you may be wondering, what is Runner's Depression? I found two blogs that detailed it well. Basically, the extreme version is like true depression. This is not me. I'm more like an injured runner, "I'm goal-less, I accomplished what I set out to do, now I feel like I'm in limbo." So you know what I thought today? I'm not injured. I am able bodied. I have two feet...granted, sometimes they are both lefts. So, in the words of Mr. Miller:
Don't be dramatic. Just run.

I dusted of the Garmin from the Marathon. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that's much for trying to avoid bobbing and weaving. I reset it. Time to move on. Time to reset toward a new run. (And yes, Lambeau Puppy did get his walk first.)
I wore inspirational gear. I rocked my Marathon Finisher's running hat for the first time, and my Manchester Road Race shirt in honor of my 8th running of the Thanksgiving Day Race this Thursday!!! (See posts about the race here and here)

So the running began. I went 3.6 miles, just to the park and back. I took the scenic route for once. The scenic route means about 2/10 of a mile shorter than running the non-scenic route. Today was a scenic day. I didn't bring my phone or iPod, I ran with a watch simply to keep track of time...obviously the sun did a good job of that by itself. By the time I reached the park the lights were already on and dusk was fast approaching. I did one nice loop and headed home. I had soreness behind both of my knees, I assume that's just from wearing flats, not sneakers, and not running for two weeks. My aerobic breathing was very good. I took it easy and thoroughly enjoyed it. There. I did it. Just run. Easy enough.

Tomorrow I will detail race goals for the Thanksgiving day race/a healthy Thanksgiving weekend. Hint: having fun is number one.

Don't be dramatic. Just run.

2 days until the Manchester Road Race!!!

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