Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fit Bottoms Barre Class

Hello, 60 degree weather!!! I haven't seen you since...YESTERDAY! Two days in a row with beautifully gorgeous weather? What a nice way to end January/begin February! Lambeau puppy agrees. He was smiling ear to ear because I took him for an extra long (30 minute) walk, instead of our usual 15 to 20 minutes:Then, I told him I was going to Fit Bottoms Barre Class. Lambeau puppy took on a very regal, stoic outlook:
Yes, it's true, I tried a "barre" class. It could be called "The Bar Method", it is similar to the infomercially popular "Physique 57", and it. is. hard. Lambeau puppy was right to get all serious on me!!! The instructor, from Fit Body Pilates, encouraged me to join a couple of weeks ago and added, "It's really a challenge but you see quick results." Ugh. I'm not one to back down from a challenge like that! Since my groupon only covered Pilates classes, I didn't go. Until I received an email with a LARGELY discounted (50% off) monthly fee for an unlimited pass to every class...well, I jumped on that ship. So tonight, I tried to infamously "challenging" class.

Guess what? I was humbled. I could barely keep up 10 minutes in. I had to take breaks. Thank GOD the girl next to me was a first timer too. The instructor is GREAT. She knows I'm trying but STINK at Pilates etc, so she is super helpful. However, my hip really reacted negatively. Now, during other Pilates classes, I've noticed my hip has been sensitive (Note: Since May, I've had to crack my hip consistently. No clue why.). Today? It hurt. The said great instructor tried to help my leg extend a little higher and a little straighter, and I had to desperately beg her off because my hip HURT. Like A LOT. Walking home it was sensitive to touch. Now, my nursing friends think it's just a weak muscle in my hip, which my chiropractor said as well. Maybe I worked the right (weak) muscles? Who knows. I have a real doctor appointment next week, with a list of ailments, and I hope she has an answer for each one :-) I will be back to this class. Unlimited classes mean, as Mr. Miller said, "You better be going to every single class you can." No need to tell me twice!!! He's so practical. Little does he realize, I will go to every. single. class. I. CAN!

January Review. Nothing crazy here folks: 62 miles run. I am proud. This was an amazing increase from my dismal December showing of 15.5 miles. December was ROUGH. I was sick at the end of November, forbidden from activity by my doctor for over 2 weeks, and the death of my grandfather really messed me up. In addition to all this, I had the holiday distractions of parties, shopping, and baking! Thankfully, January went well. I ran my miles. Injury free. Just the way I like it!!! I can't wait for February when the mileage amps up just a bit. I'm also excited for my first time half marathoners! Ms. Bailey and Mrs. Gray, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! That finish line is going to make you say, "Let's do this again!!!", I just know it.

How was your January? TELL ME ABOUT IT! We often start out strong and end, well, with a lackluster effort. Thankfully, polka dot bikini, I did not. I may have to get it out of the drawer as a reminder for February...

Coming soon: Polka dot bikini picture.

Running and Cross training my way because it's...
20 days until Cancun and Winter Polka Dot Bikini!!!
51 Days until the 13.1 NYC half marathon!!!


Meghan said...

I hear ya, girl! I take Bar Method classes and certain exercises definitely make my hips sore! I try and balance BM with yoga to help stretch it out!

Kels said...


Meg O @watchmegorun said...

wowwee, nice work on the barre class. I'm terrified of trying it. congrats on a stellar january! You will rock that polka dot bikini

JillySchrot said...

Sorry to hear about your hip :( Could be a labral tear?! Sounds like it... I've torn both of mine and unfortunately the only thing you can do is rest (which is easier said than done!) followed by some hip strengthening once the inflamation subsides. Hope you get some relief soon! Xo