Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day from the Millers...& Glad Game Monday!

I was under the weather Monday. Like I didn't go to work. If you're a teacher, you know this is a MORTAL sin. READ: If you're sick, stay home, and get better. Ha. Better said than done. However, a NEAR future trip that I may (or may not) have been obsessing about prompted me to follow this wise words; headache, fever, and dizziness MAY mean you should stay home. So I did. Blah.

Happy Valentines Day! Now, I want to promote this cause: If you choose to celebrate it, kudos to you! If you don't, kudos to you! This is a holiday that causes a lot of controversy; let's be like all the PC holidays: celebrate however the heck you want. Sweatpants? Cool. Chocolate? Yummy. Wine? Yes please. Lingerie? No comment ;-) Nothing? Excellent.

Here are a few Miller Valentines Day highlights:

Lambeau Puppy is a little Valentine...and a hipster puppy:
I made heart shaped chocolate chip cookies for Mr. Miller...and a heart shaped pb&j which I forgot to picture. Fail. You get the "picture" though, right?! It was the effort that counted. As he did P90X I slaved over a hot stove...dizzy and all...with sit down breaks...to make him his favorite cookies. It's a nice reminder to ensure that he knows I care enough to do the little things ;-)
Mr. Miller has moves. These BEAUTIFUL flowers were waiting for me at school...until 12:45pm. On Tuesdays I split my time between two buildings, and many people were impressed with his selection...because they waited in the office for HOURS. Thanks honey, you know how to make me smile, blush, and blink with an allergic reaction to flowers. (This allergic reaction is new...upon discussion tonight, he thought he shouldn't buy flowers anymore. HA. Wrong. I'll take the reaction AND the thought AND the flowers. Thanks honey.) I also got flowers (Not pictured AGAIN, darn it!) for my work wife, Ms. S. She is invaluable. If it wasn't for Mrs. Noah, who brought us together, I would've never known my work wife. She is fabulous and I love her dearly. Aw shoot. It just got real.
Yummy dinner of chicken piccata, butternut squash risotto and broccoli. Mmmmm. Add some Pinto Grigio Barefoot style and BAM, fabulous dinner.
Did you celebrate Valentines Day, do it earlier, write a card, or boycott?! My kindergarten and 1st graders LOVED their monkey Valentines...thank you Target $1 section!!! XOXO! So, what did you do? TELL ME ABOUT IT!

Note: I spent 21 years without a Valentine except my daddy. I wore black every. single. Valentines. Day. 15-on. So, if you didn't celebrate, who the heck cares? I sure did, but then someone great came along. Someone great is out there. Timing is everything. It will come. Regardless of cynical analysts!

Running and Cross training my way because it's...
7 days until Cancun and Winter Polka Dot Bikini!!!....one week, it's almost UNBEARABLE!
35 Days until the 13.1 NYC half marathon!!!...5 weeks!


Meg O @watchmegorun said...

so sweet! love the pic of the pup and the flowers. happy valentine's day!!

(christine) said...

Happy Valentines Day! This is the first year that I've had a real valentine, but sadly I had to babysit. I did get beautiful flowers & have dinner reservations for tomorrow so life is good. :)

Meghan said...

It sounds like you had a perfect celebration! The dinner looks amazing and the flowers are gorgeous!

Are you a teacher in NYC? I know this might sound CRAZY (my husband thinks I am nuts) but I teach high school and it's my pipe dream to move to NYC. I'd love to hear more about it if you have time!

Kels said...

that student comment was SUPER SWEET that you mentioned on my blog... :)

I got a Valentine from a student that said I'm so glad you got to teach me this year!