Monday, February 20, 2012

Glad Game Monday V

Note: This is probably going to be a Glad Game Monday that may be a bit obnoxious because I'M GOING TO MEXICO TOMORROW!

So, of course, I'm glad I'm going to Mexico tomorrow!

I'm glad that's we're going to Mexico with fantastically fun friends! The following pictures are from the end of the summer on a boat basin in NYC. Oddly, it looks like a scene from our vacation that has yet to commence...

The Gentlemen: Anders, Gray, Slafter, Miller
The ladies: Miller, Slafter, Gray, Anders
I'm glad that I will get to spend time in the sun with Mr. Miller! He loves the beach, snorkeling and investigating the area, so it's always fun to be on a beach vacation with him. (Photo from VA Beach 2011)
Sad note: Lambeau Puppy won't get to run the shores of Mexico. He will be on a country holiday in Connecticut with my parents.

I'm glad we will take some nice pictures. We've kind of failed at the picture taking thing when we went to the Bahamas and Puerto Rico because we were alone. It's going to be a paparazzi BONANZA Cancun style! (Photo from Rhode Island 2011)
I'm glad that my toes will be in the water and my rear in the sand! (Photo from Puerto Rico 2008)
I'm glad that I worked my hardest to stay fit in the winter hibernation months. I got a new bikini yesterday and I'm pretty thrilled with it. Thanks h&m for coming through in the clutch...and a fair priced clutch at that! (I had picked out a bathing suit in VS and it was on sale for $60...more than I wanted to spend but it was PER-FECT...and it suddenly went back to full price at $96...uh no.) (Photo from Puerto Rico 2008)
I'm glad to do something touristy! Mr. Miller has been doing all sorts of research and it looks pretty great. We'll do a few fun adventures while we're down there!
I'm glad that I'll be getting to know the gym. Since I have a half marathon coming up in, oh, 29 days, I will need to maintaining my running! I'm excited to make the most of my time there, get a morning workout in and become BFF's with the beach. Some might think this is not relaxing; on the contrary, it will help me relax even more.

Last, and certainly not least: I'm glad to relax. Things are going to get might busy after this break, so I'm excited to take in every moment possible.

What are YOU glad about today? Do you exercise on vacation? TELL ME ABOUT IT!

Running and Cross training my way because it's...
1 days until Cancun and Winter Polka Dot Bikini!!!...and an h&m one!
29 Days until the 13.1 NYC half marathon!!!
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