Saturday, April 7, 2012

300th post and back from retirement!

I just realized this is my 300th post! Wowzas! That's a lot of typing!!!

I've been in a personal funk. The car accident really upset me. I jokingly said I felt like I was going through the stages of grief (Which I *KNOW* is completely different!). After the initial shock of what had happened wore off, and we had to do lots of logistical stuff, I started getting angry. Like furiously angry. WHY did *MY* car get demolished?! I was working an after school program! I shouldn't have even been at work!!!

I didn't run. In addition to my car and my Nike Mandarins, my running was seemingly in retirement. My allergies came back in full force, which probably didn't help my stress level/exhaustion. I was sad because I wasn't running. Every time I would say, "Today is the day I'm going to run," and inevitably something would happen to prevent that.

We finally got good news Thursday. The car was, obviously, totaled. The adjuster called with GREAT news: the assessment was almost double what we thought it would be! This was a huge relief. Despite everyone assuring me, "You're getting a new car!" In the back of my mind, reality was screaming in my mind, "That car wasn't worth that much." Somehow, God knew, and everything worked out!

Today was my return to running. After a two week long hiatus, I called on Coach Jen to bring my legs back to life. Apparently, this was her first pre run picture ever! She needs to run, photograph and blog more apparently :-D
Introducing my new Nike Pomegranates!

We did 5 miles. Coach Jen said, "Can you do hills?" I said, "I can run anything. Speed may not be the best though." She wasn't kidding about the hills. There were at least two sets per mile. Hello country running! During our run we saw 4 wild turkeys, I saved a dog from being run over by a car, we were almost hit by two different cars...ah, life in the "burbs". (Two side notes: One, the word turkeys in the plural form doesn't follow the y= ies rule! Second, Coach Jen dropped me off and ran a total of 11. Jealous.)

The run was tough! I survived, but it was tough. I stayed a few paces back the whole time, and I struggled the first few miles. Finally as we started mile 4 and I figured I could survive. We kept a decent pace for hills, but Coach Jen was running backwards a few times to let me catch up. Looks like I have some work to do this week on spring break!

In honor of my 300th post, here is something completely different:
Two BEAUTIFUL American Mastiffs! The one on the right weighs 185 pounds. Yup. They were as big as the bench. I literally met dogs that were bigger than me in every way! They were big gentle giants.

So, there's my 300th post. I got over a personal crisis, as not-earth shattering as it was (Again, I know people who are dealing with things that are far worse!), and I had a great run with my sister.

How was your weekend? TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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