Tuesday, April 10, 2012

NYC Running Routes: East River Path

I decided I'll run some new routes in NYC this week! Since I'm sticking around in NYC, I decided what better way to spend my days than checking out some running spots! Rather than stick to typical Central Park, or my local Astoria Park, I'll be checking out some other running hot spots this week! Whether you're a New Yorker, or visiting/moving here in the future, check out this weeks post's for running route options!

Name: East River Greenway (Or Path, Bike Path, etc)
Location: Starts at South Street Seaport, has a gap between 34th and 60th street, and goes into East Harlem. (Information cited from Here)

Entrance: I entered on 60th st and 1st Ave. This entrance was TOUGH: HUGE hill. However, you're rewarded with adorable dog parks (plural!) and great views shortly thereafter. 

Tree lined sidewalk!!! Although I'm ultra clumsy and usually would have tripped over the cobble paved walkway, but I was very careful. The trees added a "park" feel to the walkway. 

I was very happy I wore my hat! It was very windy today, like delaying the flights at airports windy! I thought my hat would fly off, but the East River offered a low wind, beautiful running path! 
 The views, in either direction, were beautiful! I love seeing the 59th Street Bridge from another angle! This path was also very quiet, albeit I had on earphones. The traffic wasn't too loud, and the path was desolate (Granted it was 2:30pm!). 
What better way to end a run than shopping and a smoothie?! I went to Uniqlo and picked up some cute essentials for the season; crop pants, vneck tshirts and chino shorts (think JCrew). Then, my favorite part of the day: I met Mr. Miller for a SMOOTHIE! He has this smoothie cart he goes to on 47th between Park and Madison. They let you drink some of the smoothie, refill it, and send you on your way! Apparently the business guys make sport of chugging their smoothie as quickly as possible...I let him do the chugging. I did the sipping!
Verdict: East River is a great running route if...
- You live near it (It's pretty remote).
- You like water, trees, and a nice breeze!
- You're a careful/sure footed runner.
- Feel like going shopping on 5th Avenue afterwards!
- Need a deal of a smoothie where you drink your weight in fruity smooth goodness!

Where do you run? Have you run any new routes lately? TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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