Wednesday, April 11, 2012

NYC Running Routes: The Queensboro Bridge

In Case you missed it, the first part to this series was The East River Path.

The Queensboro Bridge is a great running route to get in some hill work! The gradual incline can be very challenging (See Miles 15-16 of the ING NYC Marathon elevation profile). This is the only picture I got because my camera was fogging and I didn't feel like stopping:

Name: Queensboro Bridge (Ed Koch Bridge, or 59th St Bridge for Old School NYCers!)

Location: Connects Queens and Manhattan while crossing over (Not giving entrance unless you JUMP!) Roosevelt Island, providing optimal scenery. Goes over the East River. 

Entrances: This is a bike/walk path with plenty of signs along the way to direct you to the entrances. Manhattan side entrance is by 60th Street and 2nd Ave (Follow the signs!). From the Queens side, Cresent St. and Queensboro Plaza.

Oh, the views! The views are very distracting, which makes running the hills much easier. Running over Roosevelt Island is pretty trippy, and running by the Roosevelt Island Tram will often result in people waving at you!

The walkway is narrow. Despite the beautiful scenery, you must pay attention. I tend to turn my music down because of the NUMEROUS near bike accidents involving me, a little runner. Although the path is CLEARLY marked with a bike one one side and walker/runner on the other, bikers do not adhere to these suggestions and follow traffic directions instead. Let's just say, I've been nicked by more than one handlebar. So, be aware and be safe!
I encourage all ING NYC Marathoners to run this bridge BEFORE the marathon! (I know many of you are from out of state, so try running a gradual hill with a steady incline during mile 15/16!) See how most people look like they're walking? BECAUSE THEY ARE! It was so frustrating during the marathon to be excited about conquering this bridge, my bridge, that I ran every. single. long run! I had to dodge so many people! Grrrr. So, take the hill strong!
Distance: It's about 1.5 miles from entrance to exit, so a nice hilly 3 miles round trip!

I hope you get to try this route, it's pretty fun! It's especially fun when you're moving faster than the traffic on the bridge!

Do you ever run over bridges? Where do you get your hills done?! TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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