Friday, April 13, 2012

NYC Running Routes: Beaches!

Thank you all so much for your excitement for this series! I've really enjoyed reading your comments and tweets about the two previous entries! Sorry I skipped yesterday, I've been "out East", so, today's entry will be about beaches to run on near NYC! (Disclaimer: I am in no way an expert!)

The Hamptons: Beautiful scenery, beautiful beaches! I've been in Southampton for the past couple of days. Despite the weather claiming it's "only in the 50's", it has been beautiful!

Pre-or Post run, check out "The Golden Pear"! It's yummy food and coffee, and they have locations all over the area!

Location: If you're lucky enough to be anywhere in the Hamptons, you're lucky enough! Anywhere in this area is gorgeous. Seinfeld loves East Hampton, whereas Gwyneth prefers Southampton; hence my being in Southampton, because Gwyn and I are clearly sympatico.

Entrances: Leave the establishment you're at and get directions to the nearest beach! 

Oh the views! As you run toward the beach, the houses get bigger, and Bigger, and BIGGER! They're absolutely beautiful. Tree lines streets offer plenty of shade for the warm summer months.

The beaches! What a reward after a run!!! 

Top 10 beaches: The Hamptons are always on it! If you can get here, get here. The beaches are beautiful. If you think you won't be able to make it in the summer, why not try out the Hamptons Marathon? I did the half marathon a couple of years ago, and it is a BEAUTIFUL race, including pavement, trail, and beach side running!

Other beaches CLOSER to NYC! Think there isn't? Well, Jones Beach is the PERFECT run spot! 

Location: Jones Beach. This is a 45-60 minute drive from the city, accessible by train and bus.

Entrance: If you drive and park, simply walk across the underpass. If you're on a bus, they have designated fields that you are dropped off in.

Let the large boardwalk be your guide! This wide and spacious boardwalk is the PERFECT place to get a prebeach day run in. We usually show up early, husband enjoys the ocean while I get 3-5 miles in, then I cool down with a dip in the ocean and relax for the rest of the day! The breeze from the ocean is the perfect compliment to the exposed area, as there is NO shade. Put on sunblock BEFORE you run. The boardwalk is about 2.5 miles long, allowing you to span the beach and enjoy the sound of the ocean while you run. 

Tips for an awesome pre-beach run! 
 - Put on a sport sunblock, then reapply once you're done running.
 - Bring a gallon of water. You're SO thirsty, and buying water is painfully expensive!
 - Bring fruit. You'll be hydrating without even knowing it, allowing you to be safe in the sun the rest of the day!
 - There are bathrooms! PLUS ALL AROUND!
 - There is a Friendly's for those who love to fuel with ICE SCREAM!

Want to check this beach, or other New York State Beaches out this summer? You're in luck! There is a summer series that has a new beach every couple of weeks to race on! Check out their website with a list of locations, times and distances! I fully intend to add the Jones Beach race to my agenda in August! It's a night race! So exciting!

Have you run on any other beaches close to NYC? Do you run near beaches or water near where you live?  TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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