Monday, April 2, 2012

Glad Game Monday IX

Hi, I googled the number nine in Roman Numberals. Don't worry, I WAS RIGHT! The things we don't teach kids these days...

It's Glad Game Monday, and I'm a Glad Game Grump! Bah humbug! I think the drama, excitement, shock and awe at my RANDOM car accident (See previous post) has finally settled into annoyance. WHY did this idiot have hit my car?! We're going to have to SPEND money on a new car. UGH. Not in the plan books. So. I have to choose to be glad. I have not run and I think it's needed. It tends to be a stress reliever, but I'm currently dreading it. Like it's another thing I have to worry about. This rarely happens, which means I'm truly in a funk. I have to choose to be glad.

Let's see how this choice goes!

I'm glad Mr. Miller won a Twitter contest for free Rangers tickets! I went to my first hockey game, it was fun. Unfortunately, the Rangers lost, capping off a spectacular weekend :-( I'm also glad that I got a Rangers kids shirt for $5! Yea for kids sizes!
I'm glad my bumper magnets survived. My friend, upon entering the accident scene, knew my car had been hit because my 26.2 and this bumper sticker were sadly on the sidewalk:
I'm glad Mr. Miller decided to come to my Yoga Parent Presentation Friday afternoon. He hadn't had the best week, and when I invited him, he accepted. If he hadn't come, I probably would've had a nervous breakdown. I'm so glad that he handles situations well that I get easily overwhelmed with. He's been to my school twice in five years; that's how rare it is for him to visit!

I'm glad spring break is 3 wake-ups away!!! We're going to Connecticut for Easter weekend, and then Lambeau Puppy and I are headed south with some girlfriends! No boys allowed...except Lambeau!!!

What are you glad about today?! Does running help you when you're stressed? Does it make you feel like another thing to add on your "to-do" list? TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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