Sunday, April 1, 2012


So my car has been retired. It was parked and minding its business while I was teaching in school, when a driver of a 2012 RENTED mustang "hit the gas instead of the brakes" while turning on a one way street. The result was my car pushed onto the sidewalk and completely totaled. Thankfully Mr. Miller was watching my final yoga club presentation for the parents. I had 75 people in a room, and thankfully he was able to go take care of the situation. I didn't even Know it was my car until much later! I could only see the green suv from My window, which belongs to my classroom neighbor. Thankfully no one was hurt, we have a rental, and will get money toward a new car. This was a very stressful situation to say the least!
Another retirement is my Nike mandarins! They have been my old faithfuls through my first marathon, my first coaching gig, and traveled to Mexico, Rochester NY and Connecticut! They were amazing shoes. This week will reveal my latest running kicks.
Rip corolla and nike mandarins!!!
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