Sunday, October 14, 2012

Last 20 miler before the ING NYC Marathon!

It's true, yesterday was the day. Yesterday was the dress rehearsal for 11/4/12.  Yesterday was my last real "long" run before the "big" long run. Yesterday was my 2nd 20 miler.

I was thrilled to be invited by Ashley to join a group running 20 miles. She decided to put together a group of runners who run similar paces. I was beyond relieved when she asked me, because I didn't have ANYONE to run with Saturday, and that could have been an ADD disaster! 

It was the chilliest start to date. We met up at 7am and it was 35 degrees! My outfit was a big fat question mark. I wanted to wear what I was going to wear marathon day, but I didn't have 47,000 of my closest friends extending their body heat. So at the last minute I wore shorts, my long sleeve shirt, and my nike running jacket. Best. Decision. EVER. I was concerned the jacket would be too warm, but it was PERFECT. Plus the gigantic pockets meant less belt storage and easier access/separation of fuel.  I had to get a green tea on the way to keep myself warm. 

I got to meet some GREAT runners! It was AMAZING to run with a group of runners that I did not know very well. I've run with Leticia and Ashley before, but I made new friends in Meghan and Marcial. Ashley not only did a great job in collecting a fabulous group of similarly paced runners, she also mapped out a great route! We started at 14th street (Which has a CLEAN McDonalds bathroom in the early morning FYI!), ran to the East river path, down to the tip of Manhattan and up the West Side Highway to Central Park. Once we got to the park, we did a loop of the Resevoir and finished out the running the six mile loop with TONS of hills to simulate the Queensboro Bridge in the actual marathon around mile 15. Having a new group of people to get to know, as well as a stunning and constantly changing route made this run FLY by. (We all gave a big WHOOP when we went by the Staten Island Ferry! See you in three weeks!)

This is how I felt throughout the whole run. The plan was to start in the 10:50-11/mile pace and gradually work our way down. Spoiler alert: WE SUCCEEDED!

20 miles done! Marcial finished 18 miles, a PDR! He left us to finish the  job. Ashley and I held back a bit so Meghan and Leticia powered through. All of us completed 20 miles! SO PROUD OF ALL OF US!

Running Reward: MY FIRST PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE OF THE SEASON! Ashley and I were kindly allowed to decorate our drinks. Mine said "20 miles! 11/4/12 TAPER TIME!" I got lots of comments on how put together I looked in this photo. I don't think I really sweat at all during this run. Outfit and weather were perfect. Did you hear that, God? Yup. I loved your work on Saturday! Let's have an instant replay on November 4. Amen.

Yesterday was the 20 mile day; TODAY is the taper! When Ashley said "Welcome to the taper!" I got teary eyed. IN STARBUCKS. I am SO excited to scale back and let these weeks FLY by to race day. Three weeks from today people, three weeks from today. EEK!

How was your weekend?! Did you run long? Did you have a running reward? Did you enjoy anything pumpkin?! Tell me about it!!!

21 days until the ING NYC MARATHON!!!
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