Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Jury Duty: an active person's nightmare!

I really had no idea how active I am on a daily basis at work. I work in four different classrooms in a rather large school, so I am often moving from place to place, different floors, and walking around my classroom. In other words, I don't sit down for long.

Enter: Jury Duty. This requires sitting. A LOT of sitting. So much in fact, when the jurors in my group had to sit outside the courtroom yesterday for two hours while lawyers battled it out with a judge, I started pacing the halls. I may have looked like a weirdo, but I had to move! I tried walking on my lunch break, but I am unfamiliar with this neighborhood and didn't feel safe traveling too far. So, here I am, a rural juror hating the constant sedentary lifestyle!

I want Jack McCoy to show up! RIP law & Order

Ever since I was a kid I was obsessed with decorative ceilings in old buildings. I blame the Bushnell in Hartford, CT!

Despite walking around the neighborhood in search of soup and salad that I was craving, Subway was the only remotely healthy option! This neighborhood presented another challenge: not eating fried food, because that's what every other place was (think Popeyes and McDonalds). I finally settle on a turkey 6" and couldn't resist the baked BBQ lays!

So, today, I packed my lunch! Treating it like any other work day, except I added and an ice pack to my bag since I'm sans refrigerator. Egg salad with ranch, avocado, cracked pepper, mixed greens and tomatoes!

There is one small silver lining in this whole situation: I have a bit of extra time to run in the morning! This morning was the BEST; light snow fall, nothing too slippery, and a park FULL of runners with big grins on their faces. Oh, and there were some yellow labs and golden retrievers playing in the snow. That made my morning!

How about you? Have you done jury duty before? Any good stories about getting out of it? Don't you wish Olivia Benson was your friend!? TELL ME ABOUT IT!

Edited to add: I am free! I have "fulfilled my civic duty" by being a potential juror, sent back to the pool of jurors, and then was given my release letter at the end of the day! Two days in and I'm thankful to be done. Back to moving and shaking as a teacher! I will wear my Nike Fuel band tomorrow, because I was too embarrassed to wear it the last couple of days!!!
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