Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Well, it was semi warm!

HELLO +40 degrees! Last night I joined my run club for their hill workout. Unfortunately, our hill repeats were still slush/ice/mostly slush laden. We opted for a route similar to our 10k route along the East River with some hills mixed in. 4-5 miles. UGH. I promised Mr. Miller I'd be home "early" from this run because it was only 5k! I cut the run short and ran 3.10 at 8:59/mile pace. AMAZING for me considering it was a night run, NOT my forte! No matter what the weather, we just need a road....right?!

What was so great about this run? THE WEATHER! It was 43 degrees and 85% humidity when I was getting ready to leave, AKA shorts and a long sleeve weather! (Weather over 40 degrees deserves shorts!) There may have been some "Are you crazy? It's drizzling!" looks; but in shorts I came, happy as a clam. As we lined up to begin we were greeted by extremely DENSE fog. The pictures (and views) were absolutely stunning: 

Triboro bridge; Manhattan is indeed in the background! The fog is hiding it! 

Hellgate Bridge in the fog...my run club's namesake. So GORGEOUS. Unfortunately, snow on the bridge was not easily pictured!

How about you?! Do you run with a run club? Do you enjoy drastic weather change? Do you have a temperature rule for apparel? TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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