Thursday, February 14, 2013

L is for the way you look at me...

O  is for the only one I see....
V is very very, Extraordinary...
E is even more than anyone that I adore...

I sang this song at my sister's wedding. Instead of clinking the glasses to get them to kiss, you had to sing a song, into a microphone, with the word love. WELL, a groomsman and I came up with this clever song, literally named "L.O.V.E" by Nat King Cole, and we were greeted with a round of applause after a mediocre stellar performance.

Well, in honor of this being V-Day, I decided to highlight some letter and love moments!!!

First and foremost: MY FRIENDS WON ON WHEEL OF FORTUNE LAST NIGHT! You may recognize Mr. & Mrs. Anders from many outings and events, including Cancun, Memorial Day and 4th of July. They are two of our closest friends, and we were SO stoked to watch their Wheel of Fortune moment with many other friends! (The contestants are currently on a previously planned vacation...seriously, we still cheered, jeered, and freaked out as they won!)

They are the snazziest looking contestants ever...and pat is leathery tan.

We all stress ate the candy Amanda sent for us to enjoy, screamed, paced, and couldn't keep our bodies still. It was the most stressful/exciting moment of our lives I'm sure.... ;-)

L Puppy was spreading the love early this morning! I dug out his hipster Valentines t-shirt. He was sleepy and messy...just my kind of snuggly pup!

Saucony posted a clever photo that I have to share:

I ran home from work with all my heart. I donned a Valentines Day inspired outfit:

This post would not be complete without an ode to my true love, B Millz, also known as Mr. Miller:

My partner in crime, love of my life, and friend forever, I love you. 

P.S. We look way better when it's summer!!! I miss being tan. XOXOXO

How about you? Are you pro or anti Valentines Day? Do you join the people who combined spend 7 million dollars on pet Valentines Day gifts? (L Pups got that shirt 3 years ago and nothing since!) Did you join your love affair, The Run, for a rendezvous today? TELL ME ABOUT IT!!!
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