Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Winter Vacation...sort of

No, this will not be your usual "Mrs. Miller has a week off and got to go on a tropical vacation!" Hence, no polka dot bikini countdown like last year. In light of NYC public schools being closed for a week due to Super Storm Sandy, we in turn lost three days from our winter break...my usual getaway time. So, we made the best of it and found a great alternative! We headed down to Virginia Beach, my beloved summer vacation spot, to meet up with Mr .Miller's parents and sister! We had so much fun, I was so glad we got to spend time with them. Below are some highlights in photos:

Our first day Lambeau donned his beach tank...it was short lived. He's never happier than when he's on the beach with a tennis ball. Maybe I'll post a video to prove this bold statement.
 Our second day, it had snowed! Snow on the beach? WHAT?!
We had some snowy fun...since you all know I love snow!
Hmmm....this looks a bit different from August's photo op spot:

I really do miss being tan...
Lambeau and Mr. Bates (My sister-in-law's dog) ran WAY more than I did. Yes, the black pooch is named Mr. Bates. No, I don't want to talk about Downton Abbey. WHELP. 
Our departing sunrise over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Truly beautiful.

Oh wait, did you catch that comment under the Lambeau Puppy/Mr. Bates photo? NO, I'm not talking about the Downton one! I said DON'T. WANT. TO. TALK. ABOUT. IT. HeaveSobHeave. Rather, the part about not running. Why? Because my BFF this weekend, in my FAVORITE running spot, was a box of tissues. You know me, rain, sun, (preferably) cold, hot, sun or fog, I'm running. Especially on vacation. This weekend? Nope. Sneezing, blowing my nose, and maintaining a fever vs. advil cold meds battle was my workout. Thankfully there were some 1-2 mile walks on the beach mixed in, but I was a bit distraught. 

I felt like I was making really good progress with my times, and Thursday it started with a tickle. My Thursday night runmute with my speedy coworker went okay, but I was battling a bit of fatigue and some minor cold symtpoms which I atttributed to screaming my head off during Wheel of Fortune. WRONG. A few hours in traffic with only napkins as tissues (I'm a planner, after all...), I finally broke down and bought some Puffs with Lotion and called a spade a spade. I had a cold. What to do? Run? Not run?

Virginia Beach somewhat decided for me. I've run through hot, humid, nasty rainy weather, but never this. Sunday I was crazy enough to think if I woke up early enough, I'd get a run in. Since it was a cutback week, 6 miles was on the agenda, and I wouldn't care about the time...except I was in Virginia, it had snowed during the night, and the roads were ICE! You see in the summer when it rains in this beach community, there isn't great drainage for the floodwaters, so they take a day or two to disintegrate in the sun. Snow/freezing rain? IT FREEZES! So there was that. 

Then I got a fever. 

Then I gave up.

Winter vacation, you had my attention. I didn't run once. I had all my run gear, including plenty of winter gear (Used gratefully on walks!). I relaxed, didn't push it, and was thankful for understanding family members who kept things low key.

Result: I'm feeling MUCH better. Not sneezing/blowing my nose nearly as much. I was thinking (Crazy me) I could push for 6 miles today. I came home to 48 degrees and rain. (I was secretly driving fast through New Jersey in hopes of beating the impending rain clouds). I have chosen for one more rest day. I will wake early tomorrow and run 6 miles (Husband permitting....he went to work for a half day after waking at 5:30 am,  doing the majority of the driving, and now working almost a full work day, he needs every minute of sleep!). Then, it's back on the training train. 

Thoughts: I ALWAYS get sick before this half marathon. This is my fourth year (IN A ROW) running it, and I always get seriously sick a week or two before the race with a bad cold. I'm slightly glad it was during a cutback week, and during a time I could rest. I'm excited for this last month of training. I guess a countdown is in order??? 

How about you? Do you take a winter vacation? Did you have off on President's day? Have you battled colds/the flu this season? TELL ME ABOUT IT!!!

31 days until the 13.1 NYC!!!
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