Tuesday, June 10, 2008

College class has begun...

Let the games begin!!! Yea, so, it's a lot. Good thing I have a teacher that has us take a 10 minute break and then lets us out around 9:30 instead of 10pm! It's slow and unusual torture! And on top of that? My buddy Daniel and I have a deal: Whoever is there first saves the other a seat. Well, he did it for me yesterday and gave me the LOPSIDED DESK! Ugh. After half the class he offered to trade, but I knew the damage was done and I now knew how to deal with it :-(

Went to the beach Saturday! And now the Tale of a Jones Beach Saturday:

Once upon a time, in the middle of a heat wave, there were six friends who wanted to go to the beach. So, at 8:30am, the first four friends embarked to the beach (Myself, Brian, Drew and Sarah). Brent and Pete would arrive a little later. Upon arrival, Sarah and I ran 5 miles at the on the board walk. At the tail end of the run, I glanced to my left and, low and behold, there was Sean and Amanda! (Another couple we know from Brian's previous job!) It was unbelievable, running into them without any knowledge of the other being at the same beach! Suffice it to say, they came and set up camp next to us. It was a fun filled day. We were in the water, throwing footballs, frisbees, and people. Sean had this wonderful spray on coppertone sunblock which seemed easier to apply than my lotion. A lot of people used it. That's when trouble struck. The rest of the day was carefree, but terror awaited certain members of our party. Brian, Amanda and Sean all had MASSIVE sunburns. Painful to even look at. Hmmm. What's the one thing everyone used?...SPRAY ON BLOCK! Yes, it had expired a YEAR ago! Even though it was a fun fill day, it was marred by pain and aloe application. Let this be a lesson to all: in order to have a fairy tale ending for a beach visit, make sure your lotion is still in good working order. The end.

Yea, they're all still sore. I'm burn free! And tan. A student commented, completely shocked, saying, "Ms. McAuliffe, you got tanned!" As though I'm too white for this to happen. Sigh.

I met Al Sharpton the other day. Yup. It all stems from Brian meeting him once, and I said if I ever did, I would berate him him with questions as to why he sows hatred and violence with words and never can admit when someone has done something wrong! (i.e. killing people, robbing people, he continually shows up to courts and press conferences giving excuses as to why people did these things...and guess who's to blame?! WHITE PEOPLE.) Well, Brian ran into him again and demanded I make good on my promise. I chickened out. It was a Sunday. He was in a suit. I felt awkward. So, in a clever reverse psychology move, Bri said "That's it, you're not saying anything. I'm leaving." BING! I turned around in mock spite, walked up to him and said, "Excuse me Reverend Sharpton. Hi I would just like to say hello," extended my hand, which he returned his own pinky because his hands were full...awkward..."And say that Mr. Deeds is my favorite movie, and when you say the line, "Nice rhyme," well, my dad and I just lose it. Have a nice day." The End.

Wow too many stories. But I've been too busy to post, and now AOL has been blocked from my school computers! So there is nothing left to do but read and blog on my breaks. I fear this too shall soon be taken away...slow and unusal torture...
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