Friday, June 13, 2008

It's Friday!!!

Remember TGIF? Oh man what great times; Family Matters, Hanging with Mr. Cooper, Step by Step, I feel like I'm forgetting one....BOY MEETS WORLD! And now it's CRAP in tv on Fridays! Thank goodness for shows online!

ANYWAY! This week has been long beyond reason. Let's just say, I never want to relive it. I got observed at the worst possible time on Wednesday (Last period, super hot classroom, kids behaving INSANELY...) and it didn't go I get a retry. I'm happy I get a retry, but it's tough not doing well at something. The two ratings you can get is a U or an S (Unsatisfactory or Satisfactory), and I'm scared to death of getting a U (It means you're on pretend probation and get observed more throughout the year.) So yes, pray for me if you can.

Brian is away at his cousin's wedding in Wisco, so I saw him for 20 minutes since Sunday, and I won't see him till Tuesday. Sad day. It's so funny that we live 20 blocks apart but are so busy!

One of my students, whom I have mentioned in my myspace blog, is obsessed with learning about the war. I brought in a picture of my Grammy's brother who died in the war, and he has been obsessed with him ever since. I will now type the poem in its entirety:
"Sgt. Buster"

Buster is a Sgt. and is a rifleman
He died on 01-08-45
He was a great paratrooper
In the 17th Airborn Division
He died in the Battle of the Bulge
He got the Bronze Star
And the Medal of Honor
He carried in granades
And he was 21
And he never got married.

NO JOKE, this 2nd grader knew all this info about the war without my even telling him! I simply showed him the picture of Buster and the picture of the medals he received. It cracks me up.
Any plans this weekend? I'm going to CT tomorrow. Can't wait. I think I'm going to run to ESPN in Manhattan in the morning to clock in etc and then drive home. Daddy's day!!! WAHOO!
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