Saturday, June 28, 2008

More pictures!!! Look at previous post for the first set!

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Picture 1 is us trying to get an artsy/good picture of the ring! 2-3 is the INSANE amount of confetti that fell right after we got engaged! Brian said he was contemplating proposing during "Fix You", but seeing the set list for the England concert that said after that song the next one had a confetti show, he said it confirmed that it would be the right time! 4-5 is of Chris Martin, lead singer of Coldplay (Funniest person in the world and amazing performer!) 6 is us at the end of the night, enjoying a little bubbly and letting it all sink in. (Speaking of sinks, this lounge had the coolest sink, wish I had taken a was like a fountain! Elevated square in the middle and a run off around all sides of it..if that makes any sense...)
Details details details! Ugh I get engaged and 5 minutes later everyone wants to know when where why how! AH! Driving me a little crazy. Let's just hope everyone will settle down and be patient. We're thinking December as a possibility. I'll keep ya posted!
going dress shopping tomorrow...AH!

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