Sunday, June 1, 2008

June 1...

This is my favorite picture of Brian and I from 2005 at Block Island...I lost all my pictures in a computer crash but I had given him a cd with a bunch so at least I got some of them back! I will try to post pictures per a friend who claims pictures are the hook line and sinker for reading a blog :-)

SO, I can no longer say "I'm not eating desserts for the month of May!" Awww...I was talking to my friend Drew and I thought this will start in April next year and go through May, and he said I'd have to get a funky cute phrase ike *May*keover to convince him to do it...stay tuned. I'll try to post current pictures when Brian decides to give me my camera cord got packed in the move because he borrowed not cool.

RESULTS: I have weighed myself on two scales and I've officially (at least according to the scales) lost 8lbs in this month which is great! It was pretty much my goal, another few couldn't hurt so I'll continue exercising and making smart food choices.

Ok so Brian moved yesterday...can we say NIGHTMARE?! Everything was going GREAT until the elevator broke! He lived on the 6th floor....yea it was awful. We all got a good sweaty work out and I'm SORE! The biggest challenge was the couch, the poor boys had to move it all over the place, rotate it to make it fit, what a mess.

June begins my crazy summer. I start my college class on Wednesday, and it goes till July 2 (I think). 1 class, 2 nights a week (M&W), 5 hours per class. AH! It's better than the whole semester though. I'll definitely need some prayer. My second class July 7-31 and same deal, super long twice a week! It'll be better without having school though! I'll be working at the restaurant Mon-Thu enabling me to have some semblence of a weekend and a break. It's called the beach. :-) So if you think I'm ignoring you, not returning calls etc, well, I am, simply because I'm busy.

Seeing Alex was AWESOME!!!!!! And seeing my girl Jodi made it even better. We had so much fun. You know you have true friends when you can do absolutely nothing together and have the best time. We really did nothing but lounge and hang out and it was incredible. More laughter than can be imagined.
Tomorrow is a (potentially) big's a half day at school for the kids but we stay full day for administration's the "reorganization", which means all the teachers tentatively know which classroom they'll be in, grade etc...which is why it's potentially a big day for me. As a push in teacher I don't have just one class or my own classroom, so I'm called an "out of classroom" teacher; I have a feeling that I'll be a "classroom" teacher this fall. But I might not know it yet because they're still working things around, so it's super tentative. I may learn nothing new until mid June, but tomorrow I might learn something too. It's a waiting game. EEK! We shall see...
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