Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Engaged part 2!

Alright here it goes! We were going to coldplay Monday night, and since the tickets were a raffle we decided (Brian really made the suggestion...) that we try a nice new restaurant bc we're not paying for the concert! So we went to Bobby Flay's restaurant Americain, it was SOOOO good! OMG I ate way too much. After that we met our friends Matt and Myssi and went into the concert.

Our tickets were three rows behind Matt and Myssi! It was totally great, but I found out that was semi-luck and semi-arranged! Now, my favorite coldplay song is "Fix You", look it up if you don't know it, it's amazing and emotional and I will love it forever. At the beginning of the song (Toward the end of the concert), Brian side-hugged me and said, "Is this our song?" And I said yes, and he told me quickly that he loved me etc. Well, while listening, I could feel him shaking. Uh oh. Just as the bridge began, I look to my left, and there he is down on one knee! We were both so excited, he was choked up, I was shocked, it was classic! Oh my heart jumps just thinking about it. I actually had a ring on that finger already so I had to slip it off quickly! Afterwards tons of complete strangers were high fiving us, cheering for us, it was great.
He picked out the most perfectly beautiful ring I have ever seen. Seriously. Picture is right here:

It's a princess cut, two smaller princess cuts on the side and 4 small circle diamonds on each side in the band. It's absolutely perfect.
It also must be noted in my "after" picture I look pregnant. Needless to say it's the dress, but it's not very flattering. So much for the *May*keover! Ha ha ha.

Afterwards we went to this rad lounge next to MSG, which was playing coldplay the whole time (perfect!) and Matt bought us a bottle of champagne, so nice! Thanks friends!

It was so memorable, I'm floating on cloud 9...all my students are so cute, asking me what my new name will be, if I'm having a baby (because that's what they're used to: marriage=baby!), is he a nice guy (yes, they asked that!) aw. Thursday is my last day, I'm getting sentimental.

Any questions or comments, just write! HOORAY! Dates etc TBA...we're still trying to manage time to sit down and really decide.

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