Sunday, June 22, 2008

Crazy Week(end)


This is Kate, my mom and myself with EVAN! What a cutie pie. This picture was taken last weekend, and I saw him again this weekend. He fell asleep in my arms because he wouldn't go to sleep by himself on a all 10lbs of him became VERY heavy!!! We sat there a good hour under the umbrella chatting away. Had a fun weekend, Michael graduated from high school so Brian and I drove the 2 hour drive in 3.5 hours! YEA! (Sarcasm should be noted here) But he and I made it fun we found laughter where there should've been tears...many tears in traffic...
Saturday people rotated visiting my parents house so it was spent by the pool relaxing with the family, we had a blast. My little Meghan is way to witty for her own good. She showed me her "preschool yearbook", in which she listed her favorite colors as pink, purple, and rainbow, what she wanted to be when she grows up was a princess, and what makes her laugh is knock knock jokes! (She JUST turned 5 btw) She also showed me her BEST FRIEND Mikayla who, as she put it, "Has a disease called diabtes." Wow.
Today we did breakfast and drove back to NYC, only took 2 hours thankfully. I'm gearing up for COLDPLAY TOMORROW NIGHT! MSG! YEA! Brian won free tickets and I'm STOKED!
Off to listen to their new album...

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