Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10 miles of free FALLing....

I ran 10 miles today. I felt pretty good. I thought I was going to take it down to 8 or (gasp!) 6. Taking aleve last night and today plus my regular vitamins today made me feel a bit better. Still a little sore but loosening up. I had to shut off my pacing alert. My Garmin (Who I think I'll call Poco Loco...2 years later he gets a name!) keeps going on the fritz and frustratingly alerting me that I'm out of my pace range oh every FIVE MINUTES. BEEP BEEP SPEED UP! NO! I run faster, and the pace gets slower! Like 14 minutes! I need to re-calibrate it or SOMETHING! Anyone out there read the manual or had similar issues? Can you shed some light so I don't waste time reading a manual?! Thanks. However, my run did go very well. I felt less frustrated and more free to enjoy a beautiful fall day.

Um, I had a RUN-IN COLLISION! I was sans iPod, and a super silent runner behind me had the same idea when I realized I was being boxed in by 4 slow walkers on the sidewalk. I went to go switch to the street and this SILENT guy rammed into my shoulder! WHOA! We both apologized, thankfully no one was hurt. By the way, we both rounded the corner and he was finishing the block as I finished half of the block...I estimate he was cruising, SILENTLY, at about 7 min mile pace. SO he was not only silent, he was speedy silent. Back to fall...

I. Love. FOLIAGE! Fall is fabulous. During our road trip to Rochester this weekend, I snapped a few highway photos. I love the new Instagram feature that you can create a fuzzy border to enhance focus! I like colors. I like leaves. We heard "Free FALLin" by John Mayer a few times on Pandora. Really, could be one of the best road trip songs. He's amazing, I don't care how much of a jerk he is/how he dissed Jen Aniston! He once sang a song for me...and gave me his guitar pick...in fact, he placed it into my bag. Yup. I'm kind of a celeb expert.

Maybe I'll be the next NYC Housewife? Sweet Mr. Miller didn't understand the signature holding the piece of fruit to show I'm a domestic goddess...or, in the housewive's case, a-cat-fighting-think-I'm-rich-botoxed goddess, but hey, who am I to judge?! (I really do love the housewives, I secretly hope once day I'll meet Bethenny under totally normal circumstances...)
I love apples. Yup, they're yummy. I have a couple of bags worth. One bag for eating, one bag for baking. I need to get on top of some apple crisp and apple oatmeal cookies...look into my sunglasses, it's actually a pretty cool picture!
I love my new bag! Thanks to my Miller sister-in-law, I received an early birthday present! A bag that will fit my plan book plus the other nonsense I accrue at school. Please note: my shirt is a Packers Super Bowl Champions shirt...GO PACK GO! We're 5-0 baby, 5-0!
I love my new shoes. I needed some new work flats, because mine feel a bit tight and are causing a bit of foot pain. The cowboy bootish shoes are super cute. Mr. Miller is throwing me a "Southern" themed birthday party. I envision plaid shirts and boots; he claims to envision overalls with no shirts underneath. This should be good.

25 days until the ING NYC Marathon!!!

...4 days until my first ever 20 mile run! Taper time, I'm waiting for you...
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