Monday, October 3, 2011

It's the little things in life

A day can be great for the smallest reasons. One reason could be the new fro yo place 6 blocks away that is self serve and pay by the pound. Uh oh.
Simple things can bring giggles. They had his and hers spoons. And they're super-thick-high-quality-I'm-going-to-wash-and-keep-them spoons.
Reactions with different senses can make a day grand. I ran 5 miles this morning and felt revived; I am a morning workout girl through and through. My chai tea latte at lunch this afternoon warmed me on a brisk fall day. My pedicure this evening (My last before the marathon!) was out of this world relaxing, thank you Mangela. Since I know you're wondering, I chose an aptly named color: Sole Mate. The smell of chow mein coming from the neighbors right now makes me miss my Grammy in CT...maybe I'll go knock on their door for some.

Reasons why today should have gotten me down:
  • I hit EVERY red light.
  • I was behind the slowest drivers.
  • I had to drive to my other school building for a faculty meeting...that I forgot we had (Got out at 4 instead of 3:07! I know I know, I'm a baby.)
  • I had to give extra homework to a mouthy student...I never wanted to be that teacher.
  • The person in the express line in front of me had 25 items...and checked every single "sale price".
  • It's raining.
I am thankful for God! I started the day off right, praying and listing my thankfulness. As Joyce Meyers once said, "My mind is on vacation, I cannot be bothered." Obviously my day was set in order, and my patience and grace levels were raised to exponential levels ;-) I started reading The Runner's Devotional, and so far I've really enjoyed it. I'll get half way through and review it.

I'm really excited and expectant for my marathon. Last night I scoured Runners World for articles on ING NYC, and let me tell you, I found some good ones. I will post some of them eventually. Let's just say, excited tears? Ok maybe.

Is there anything you are excited about?!

33 days until the ING NYC Marathon!!!!
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