Sunday, October 2, 2011

110% pure fun

How should a runner celebrate running 110 miles in the month of September? Have way too much fun with your friends, that's how! In case you didn't catch it in the previous post, last night was my friend Amanda's birthday party, themed as "The A pArty". EVERYTHING had to begin with the letter A; there was Andes mint cupcakes, Applejack crispy treats, Apple cider donuts, Apricot mini pies, Andre Champagne, Amstel lite beer, Absolut galore, I mean, this place was A'd out! Not only that, every cup had a fabulous script A on it, so cute it looked like a party planner had arranged it! Below you'll see the glitter wall, the A carpet:
L-R: Antoine Dodson (ME!), Army Girl, Alice in Wonderland, Aerobic Instructor (AMANDA!), Angel, Athena, AA Batteries!
Close up of good friends. The Aerobic Instructor got a great arm workout all night. The best part of the costume aspect was that you didn't have to remember anyone's name, you just called them their character!
Yes, there were TWO ANTOINES! Aerobic Instructor's Husband was the same thing. We had a good laugh. And a dirty bit dance off. And a rap off.
Sunday morning breakfast: We have been craving FRESH HOME MADE donuts from a place down the street since they stopped making them in May. Now, they're BACK! Cinnamon sugar deliciousness. Next to it? Oh I'm glad you asked: a graham cracker biscuit with pumpkin butter. Yup. This has been a great weekend from beginning to end.

I'm going out for a recovery run on this BEAUTIFUL fall day! This week I have to step it up. My mileage may have been 110 miles this month (YEA!), but due to my portfolio purgatory, it was way lower than it should've been. I'm looking for short consistent runs, then attempting my mid week long run as best I can.

Looking for a good Sunday blog? Check out my friend's AWESOME fashion blog!

As always: GO PACK GO.

34 days until the ING NYC Marathon!!!
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