Thursday, October 20, 2011

Everything is coming

Today, I didn't complete me run. Let's just say, I'm seeing orange? Well no, not really. I am very allergy ridden or cold ridden, I can't decide which one. I'm leaning toward allergy ridden, and I'm praying this will go away. When I got home I decided that a 4 mile run for me may not be what my body needs. However, Mr. Miller called to say he picked up some new kicks and wanted to break them in! Mr. Miller is pushing me to run? DREAM COME TRUE! I made it about 1.8 miles, and proceeded to TRIP (Which I do when I'm tired...a lot...) and got so scared I only completed 2 out of 4 miles. It goes against my 3 mile minimum rule, but hey, it's better than nothing. PLUS I received a fabulous product today...I got my GO Sport ID! Yahoo! Now I can run safely with the assurance that, if I do trip and get knocked out, Mr. Miller's number is readily available. My GO Sport ID says
Kristin Miller
Philippians 4:13
Mr. Miller's digits
Even the envelope was orange!!! The band is hook in one. I got the small and it is loose, but not uncomfortable loose.
I went to Trader Joe's...aka BLISS. I purchased the pumpkin bread mix. I purchased the pumpkin butter. I purchased the PUMPKIN ICE CREAM!!! They were SOLD OUT of the pumpkin pancake mix. EPIC. FAIL. I will be returning next week to pick some up.
Lambeau's red/blond hair looks orange, right??? He is the cutest. He loves the fall because he LOVES the leaves. More often than not, he walks around with leaves hanging from his fur around his nose and mouth from sniffing. I think because of the cooler weather, he has been EXTRA cuddly, and I just love it.

My birthday is in 5 days! 27 here I come!!! Best present you could give me? (Or someone else you know better than me!!!) Sponsor a child in their name through World Vision! I'm running this marathon for a cause. Make a difference. Comment to find out more!

16 days until the ING NYC Marathon!!!

16 candles...

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