Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall Cold

I have a cold. Lambeau does not, so he enjoyed our walk today. Lambeau is a puppy with infinite possibilities in his day; treats, walks with myself or Mr. Miller, bones, naps, visitors...he's ready for anything. Me? I'm stuffy, fuzzy, and worse than I was Thursday when I tripped and scared myself. So here are the positives about getting a cold now, two weeks away from my first marathon:

- I have time to rest. I'm running less in the blessed taper.
- I won't be blowing my nose on my sleeve race day. Ew. That's almost as gross as peeing on yourself.
- If needed, I'll have time for antibiotics to take effect AND get out of my system. I usually end up with an infection (Please God, save me!) and the meds usually mess with my stomach. Big time.
- It's the weekend. Granted I did work Saturday school today, but the rest of the day is strictly rest/sleep related. I went to sleep by 8:30 Thursday night and Friday night, not waking up once either night. That means I was REALLY tired, because I drink a LOT of water and tea before bed.

How do you bounce back from having a cold? I feel like I bounce back strong from mini breaks. I'm going to *attempt* my 12 mile long run tomorrow. Not sure how much of an attempt it's going to be. Ugh. Let's just say it: this is making me nervous.

14 days until the ING NYC Marathon!!!
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