Friday, October 28, 2011

Versatile blogger

Meg at Watch MeGo Run tagged me as a versatile blogger! The rules are as follows:

1) Thank the person who gave you the award and link to their post.
2) Share seven things about yourself.
3) Tag some recently discovered blogs - 15, to be exact - and pass the award a long

Meg, thank you so much! I have loved reading your blog! You're a speedy inspiration, I can not wait for you to tackle the big *M* soon!!!

So, prepare yourself...for when people stop being polite, and start getting real. Real World: Versatile Bloggers.

1. My first car was a nasty beat up passed down Toyota Celica with this bumper sticker. It became a running joke between a friend and I, and we kept track of how many we have seen for the past 11 years. We lost count at around 40, but now we picture message each other to keep the dream alive.

2. So this one time, John Mayer and I had a thing. More like, my husband got us front row seats at an underground concert. He played a song I repeatedly screamed er uh I mean asked to play (Comfortable, best. song. ever.), placed his guitar pick inside my purse which was on the stage he was playing on (Front row purse storage, you know...), and used my husband's camera as a capo for an extended jam session. This resulted in over 57,000 hits thus far.
3. I worked full time as a teacher, one day a week as a server, went to grad school, and completed my Masters of Science in May 2010. I became an NYC teaching fellow, a program that pays for your masters while you work as a teacher. I also couldn't give up my cash on the side gig, so basically I was running at any waking moment where I wasn't working, studying, or sleeping. I trained for and ran three half marathons during this two year period.
4. I worked as a server for 4 years in Times Square. I arrived in NYC to finish my undergrad degree, and got hired at the ESPN Zone in Times Square. I worked there until it was abruptly shut down in June 2010. I actually received a sweet severance from it. I miss serving, you meet the most interesting people and experience the good, bad, and ugly of the public. Makes for a great dinner punch line! Famous people I met/served: Andy Pettitte, Josh Beckett, David Wright, Spike Lee, Elizabeth from the View, Vanessa Minillo, Rafael Nadal, and some more that I can't think of. I really loved it, and I was really good at it. Best tip I ever got: $350 from a private event! Very generous people out there.
5. Lambeau was a naughty puppy. We had to go through TWO cycles of puppy school. I would take the train 30 minutes each way to get him, and myself, educated on training. It was time consuming, but totally worth it. He got voted "Most Sarcastic" because he would talk back when I would say a command by barking, then doing the command. FRESH! And he really needed a haircut there.
6. I *LOVE* Ann Curry! I have loved her for a long time. I have been an avid Today Show fan since I was, oh, 11. I finally met her last year and gushed unashamedly about how big of a fan I am. She was GRACIOUS, beautiful, and funny. Ann, you're the Queen Supreme!

7. I swam with dolphins in the Bahamas. AWKWARD KISS MUCH!? Yes, this was an amazing experience. Mr. Miller set it all up and made this bucket list item get checked off. He really knows how to make a girl smile!!! They felt softer than I had anticipated. Ah, dreams come true, really they do!

Ok, I can't tag 15 blogs because I don't think I read 15 blogs! My blog discoveries have been stalled since I've been training for the marathon. Here are a few tags:

Stephanie - A mom who is a work out inspiration!
Lyndsey - A newlywed who is living life and loving it!
Heather - A triathlete who relocated to Alaska!
Drea - A newlywed who is ALSO living life and loving it!

8 days until the ING NYC Marathon!!!

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