Friday, October 7, 2011

She's just not that into you: Long run edition

This was the face I came home to today:
Mommy, are you really going to leave me for over two hours again? But it's Friday, we usually cuddle on Fridays...

He saw all the usual signs: I got my Garmin, put the mole skin on, running clothes, socks and sneakers, switched the iPhone covers, and was getting ready to fuel up when I realized this was not a smart run day. I mean, look at that Lambeau Puppy face! Seriously though: I wasn't feeling it. In fact, I wasn't feeling it ALL.DAY. Here are the reasons today was not to be my long run day:
  • I've been crazy tired the past two days. Like, I fell asleep at 7:30 last night tired, tried staying up till 9, and gave up and went back to sleep.
  • I was SO hungry when I got home. I inhaled some Goldfish, but that didn't take off the edge.
  • If I run when I'm tired, I tend to get lazy feet and fall not so gracefully.
  • My body is sore. My knee is okay, but could use a full rest day. My hip keeps cracking. I'm foam rolling like a champ. Ouchies.
  • I'm traveling tomorrow to Rochester. I don't know what's worse: Running then being cramped in the car, or being cramped in the car then running. I guess I'll find out.
  • I just wasn't that into it. Usually I'm all game face let's do this, but today was NOT my day. I usually run home straight from work, but my friend who usually transports my stuff couldn't do it today. I think that got me down mentally.
As a result, I will get to try a new running location! This always brings a certain level of anxiety, but I am excited to run in the "country". Mr. Miller's parents live in Rochester, NY, and it will be a very scenic foliage fall run. Yippee! I will have to scout it out Saturday for peace of mind. I've done runs there before, but the longest was only 8 miles. Hopefully I can find some flat(tish) areas because they live off of some MONSTER HILLS!

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Happy running and racing to all this Columbus Day weekend! I'm currently eating my post-long run treat: a cannoli. (What, it would have gone bad!)Insert distraction from the tragedy of eating a post-run treat when it's not really post run: GO SARA! She's running her first half marathon Sunday and I'm so proud of her!

29 days until the ING NYC Marathon

Well hello 20's, so nice to see you!
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