Friday, August 10, 2012

Football is BACK!

Last night was the Packer's first preseason game! That's right, even preseason is a celebration! Lambeau Puppy donned his jersey for the first time this season and was ready to snuggle down and watch some football. We enjoyed chicken sausages in a blanket and some Suppin Summer ale thanks to the recommendation by Kristin!

First family football photo of the year:

This is how I will be spending most of my Sundays. I got my first pair of ProCompression socks in the mail!!! I enjoyed the game in these beauties after a SPEEDY speed work session: 6x1000 at MPG. UGH. It was difficult, I didn't get started until 8:30 which was already TOO HOT! Thankfully I finished and my splits were around the mid 8:00 mark. Pretty good for slowpoke legs like mine!

You'll be seeing a lot of posts like this on Monday's for the next few football months:

Shots for touchdowns

Traveling to games (@ Panthers)

Slow cooker brats

Packers Cheerleader and I tailgating 

Watching them beat the Giants at home...this WILL happen again this year. Redemption.

A green and gold spread of champions!

A lot of Lambeau Leaping Love! (He REALLY needed a haircut here!)

Tomorrow's long run is 14 miles...with a strong chance of rain in the morning. I'm thinking I'm going to run through it, because it will also be 75 degrees. Fairly tolerable for a nicely drenched run! Would you switch it for a not so rainy day? I did that last year and was grateful for perfect weather marathon Sunday. However, I think this could be a huge boost mentally.

Do you like Football? Love it? Hate it? Enjoy the food!? Tell me about it!


85 days until the ING NYC MARATHON!!!
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