Wednesday, August 15, 2012

NYC Marathon Training Update I

After reading weeks of other people's weekly training updates, I realized I haven't done one! OOPSIES. I know you all truly care. Well, maybe you just want to know. Maybe? Well, pretend if you don't. I've mentioned  updates within posts about long runs, speed work and tons of hills. So, I'll occasionally check in and leave my words of wisdom to those who are also on the path toward 26.2. Words of wisdom. Ha.

Mile totals: 
July 2012: 103.1!!!  (July 2011: 57.45 YEA for growth!)

Types of workouts:

Hills! I have been doing a lot of hills. My coach says for 75 minutes, run as many hills as you I do! It's tough but thrilling.

Speed: I have been doing a series of speed work using intervals. This month I'm moving into Tempo runs. My goal pace for tempo runs is 10:27 pace, and intervals are 9:30 pace. I tend to run intervals around in the mid to high 8's because the Triboro Bridge (Pictured below) messes with my GPS a bit. For the first time in my running career, I have been faithful and doing speed work regularly. Thanks coach! She pushes me in a great way.
Pardon the old photo, I apparently haven't taken any pictures there lately! I've used it, I promise!

Easy Runs: These have building each week; this week it went from 5-6 miles to 7 miles. These runs are an easy pace, like a recovery run.

Long run: DUH DUH DUNNNNN! These have been going well. Mine have progressed as follows: 9 miles, 6 miles, 8 miles, 10 miles, 12 miles, 14 miles, 13.1 miles. Nothing to see here folks, just your typical long run build up! They're best when done with others! Also, they're best when done with Sparkly Soul Bands, because I have a different one in each photo!

 6 miles shared with Ashley!
 Multiple long runs with the Mr.!
One of the hottest runs of my life with Stephanie!

Seriously Leticia, we need to remember to take pictures! I've met her in Manhattan a couple of times to tag on miles together during my long run. Today I ran into Manhattan and she joined me in Central Park for 4 miles! 13.2 miles DONE before vacation! I can rest easy...until next weekend ;-)

Thoughts: I think I'm making some progress toward reaching my goal time of under five hours. I really didn't do any speed work last time because I was so busy that I simply fit runs in when I could, often not near a track. I hope I can maintain my workouts when school begins in September. ANDDD let's not talk about that happening ever again. Or until September.

Lessons learned: Not bringing body glide is not a good idea. I had to run in CT for a 12 mile run. Had a bit of chaffing. Not cool. Also, waking up early is always worth it.  After not getting some workouts done in the morning like I hoped, I had to do them in the afternoon. If I woke up and worked out, I could have napped in the afternoon instead of sweating it out like it was going out of style. Lessons learned. Check check.

How has your training been going? Are you doing crossfit? Running your first half marathon? Couch to 5k? Tell me about it!!!

80 days until the ING NYC MARATHON!!!
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