Monday, August 6, 2012

Glad Game XV

Ah, it's Monday! It's also the first Monday in AUGUST! What the heck, summer?! Didn't get the memo to go by super slow? Well, okay, let's roll with this. Despite missing my FAV band Coldplay in NJ TWICE and the UNHEALTHY gift bestowed on me this weekend (see below), let's get GLAD with things and beat this Monday like pavement beneath the Nikes! 

I'm glad I went to CT this weekend! I'm also glad I PDR'd in CT! I've never run more than 10 miles in CT, which resulted my running down random side streets to pick up the extra 2 miles on a 10 mile run! Mr. Miller decided 5 miles was a great number for him, and I'm glad he joined me for the tougher half...also, he got me out of the cold comfy bed!!!

I'm glad that I can run. I'm glad for what I put into the run, and for what the run puts into me. See this post and smile the next time you lace up!!!

I'm glad we went to the BEACH! It has become a yearly tradition to visit RI and enjoy the beach, grab food at Harry's, and enjoy living #ctforlife. 

I'm glad we got to spend quality time with FAMILY. I went to CT on Thursday and enjoyed seeing many members of my rather large family (5 siblings, 12 nieces and nephews, have you HEARD!?) Uncle Brian made sure to get quality time with a certain McAuliffe #2:

I'm glad the rain can't hold us down! This picture does not do the downpour justice! We tried to enjoy the early morning/afternoon sun, but a front moved in like only New England can produce, and somehow Uncle Brian talked the moms present into a rain drenched dip! Us ladies stayed under the newly covered deck and laughed at their antics.

Although this picture depicts a disturbed pooch (He was a bit antsy), Lambeau Pup is FEARLESS in thunderstorms! We sat out on my parent's covered deck and enjoyed a never ending INTENSE thunderstorm. L Puppy was a bit nervous, but he sat in my lap or under my chair and endured the insane thunder claps! I even jumped a few times! Little did he know, the worst was still to come...
I'm glad Mr. Miller drove us back to NYC last night. Within an hour of our ride from CT a CRAZY storm rolled in; the kind that resulted in debris along the 95 south, closing down lanes. Ugh. I also got car sick and a headache (I must get my eyes checked! My sensitivity to light and brake lights is out of control.) He's the best, in case you were wondering.

I'm glad this is my last week of summer school! WOOHOO! Another week off before 10 days of vacation in Annapolis and VA Beach; I seriously can't wait! Running, homemade donuts, coffee, beach. In that order. Yes you saw donuts. My coach better require some good miles to burn off the naughty breakfast!!!

What are you glad about? Did you find the PERFECT Essie color?! Did you run your best 5k? Is your long run increase making you super stoked for a marathon? Tell me about it!

89 days until the ING NYC MARATHON!!!
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