Friday, August 17, 2012

Workout out on a vacation: In a hotel

Hi, I'm on vacation! I'm so excited to be heading to the beach tomorrow. Mr. Miller, Lambeau and I began our vacation by staying a couple of nights in a quaint harbor town of Annapolis, Maryland. When we reserved our room with The Westin, a special WestinWorkout room was available...OBVIOUSLY we were intrigued by this option! So we signed up! Here is what we got:

A full fledged gym right in our room! These things were situated in a workout corner ready to be used. No excuses when you wake up staring at a treadmill! We tried out some things with the weights in the treadmill. Unfortunately, I forgot to use the jump exercise arch nemesis. I even got to read the older version of Runner's World Complete Book of Running! Dreams come true, hotel room style.
Little did we know, we could have gotten new workout clothes! Apparently if you call ahead with your sizes, the hotel will lay out apparel for you. You live, you learn.

We went to check out the gym as well. So, you don't have a gym in your room? See what the gym has to offer. Mr. Miller led me in a series of exercises plyometrics style...I was TIRED!

The Westin is also EXTREMELY pet friendly. Lambeau loved his temporary digs, as well as a little exercise away from the hot hot heat outdoors. I recommend hanging out here if you enjoy getting your sweat on while vacationing, and seeing your puppy pampered!

Another great way to workout on vacation is running while sight seeing! We ran to the Naval Academy and it was beautiful. All you needed was a photo id to get in and you were allowed to tour the campus. Also, hotels often have running routes in metropolitan/popular areas, so don't be afraid to ask if they can recommend a scenic route.

We ended up getting on to the Navy Football practice field! Mr. Miller did pull-ups. I watched. I can't do them. Sad face.

What I can do: jump through ropes, find Newfoundland dogs that weight more than me, and take pictures of push-ups. I did 20 push-ups. That's all I could muster!

All work and no play makes the Millers dull. Don't worry, we've been having plenty of fun after working on our fitness! Happy Friday all!!!

How do you get your sweat on while on vacation? Do you head to the hotel gym? Relax instead? Take advantage of an indoor pool? Walk to sight see? TELL ME ABOUT IT!

78 days until the ING NYC MARATHON!!!
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