Wednesday, August 8, 2012

In Lolo Jones' defense

Begin rant...

While I tend to simply write about my personal running experiences, I'm furious about this article. The NY Times launched a ridiculously negative article about a US Olympian BEFORE she had her chance in the games. It discussed how she was all looks, exposing her personal life, and fluff when it comes to her athletic ability. HELLO. SHE. IS. IN. THE. OLYMPICS! I don't care if she barely made it. She's THERE! You're not Jere Longman of the NY Times! You sit masked behind a computer screen touting theories from academics or professors; you did not sit back and think about the effect of your article on a person in the spotlight about take on the biggest race of her life.

I didn't know about the article until I watched Lolo Jones' interview this morning on the Today Show. It was sad that she was brought to tears, although she fought them (I'm sure Longman thinks this is a weakness), and defended her various records and achievements on the track while representing the USA. In a quote from the interview, Jones stated she holds the American indoor record and two world indoor records.

So, Mr. Longman, where is your article about every other US athlete that didn't live up to the expectations set on them? What about the USA men's gymnastics disappointment? Where is your article about Ryan Lochte being all talk and barely producing? Where is your criticism of the USA female marathoners who didn't get 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, or 9th,? Where is the piece about Jordan Wieber being a huge disappointment? Those people get a pass? Come on.

We were all wondering if the media was right about Michael Phelps. When he placed 4th in his first race, Phelps was labeled as "untrained" "not focused" and "in danger of not breaking the record." Seriously? He showed them.

We all knew Lolo Jones would have to have the race of her life; in fact, she did have her best time this year. Despite back surgery and injury, she qualified for the Olympics. She's the Dara Torres of running. Lolo, hang tough. This too shall pass. Cowards behind computers will be put in their place. You will show them.

Are you frustrated by the super critical media concerning the Olympics!? TELL ME ABOUT IT!

End rant.
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