Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pool Workouts for Cross Training

After running 12 miles yesterday, I knew today's 4 mile shake out was not a possibility. Let's just say that a new sports bra, that I've worn several times in the past month, did me in with some serious arm/side chaffing. I also forgot my body glide while packing for my trip to Connecticut, so I should have at least put deodorant there; the poor man's body glide! Alas, despite a fabulous run where we crossed three towns, including the hometown of a local Olympian racing today, the humidity and sweating did me in.  

So, I headed to the pool. Since I'm visiting my parents, that means walking out the backdoor. Sigh. #CTforlife. Pool workouts are amazing for runners. It's one of the only non-impact cardio workouts that's TRULY non impact. You're floating for goodness sake! This Runners World article details who can benefit from pool workouts and how they help runners. 

First, I started with some good 'ol laps. I stuck to freestyle, as the breaststroke sometimes aggravates my hips. Oh those hips, they keep me on my toes! Here's my laps work out (We estimate that four laps (back and forth four times) equals about one lap of a real lap pool.): 

-Freestyle Laps: 16 laps relaxed, 4 sprint; 12 relaxed, 8 sprint; 16 relaxed, 4 sprint; 12 relaxed, 8 sprint = 60 laps total (15)

 - Shallow end running sprints: Sprint from side to side, turning around and going against the courant each time. This adds resistance as you try to sprint in the direction you just came from. 30 total

Deep water running: Not all of us have the fancy running belts so I made do with a nifty $1 noodle! You simulate running, including using your arms underwater, in water that you can't touch. I went side to side, adding resistance by running in the direction I came from. 30 total.

This was a great 35 minute workout!

Last but not least: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DAD! Yesterday we began the celebration by going to the beach and then to our FAVORITE place: Harry's Place! They have the best onion rings I've ever had....and milkshakes...and cheeseburgers...yea, we ate a lot of food! Happy birthday dad, you're the best!

Do you cross train in the pool? Do you prefer to lounge in a raft? Are you a backstroke expert? Have you ever tried water running? TELL ME ABOUT IT!

90 days until the ING NYC MARATHON!!!
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