Sunday, July 14, 2013

MLB All-Star 5k Race Recap

Well, 5k's are a short affair, so I'll give a short recap. It was VERY stressful getting there; parking was not the best, and I'm a get there early kind of gal! I got to the start line (After parking at 7:50am, running to bag check, going to the bathroom etc) at 8:01am. SO, there's freak out number one! It was 94% humidity, which regardless of the temperature, totally affects me. Here is how this went down:

Mile 1: Decent first mile, lots of weaving as Mr. Miller and I tried to stay together despite the slower and often walking runners.
Mile 2: Big hill. The mile to push just a little more...but people were WALKING A TON. I simply was bobbing and weaving nonstop!
Mile 3: Annoyed by the hill, we settled in to a comfortably fast pace knowing my PR was not happening that day. 

Finish time: 28:57 (AKA, I PR'd in positive splits!)

Lesson learned: My mental game is a bit weak. I need to control my frustrations.

Positive moments: I saw tons of amazing people!

 YES. That's MARY WITTENBURG. We chit chatted about cheering on the Queensboro Bridge for the NYC Marathon...stay tuned. I was instructed to call her office to see if there's something we can do. EEK.

A word on Mary. She remembered my tweet on Friday asking if I could cheer on the Queensboro Bridge during the NYC marathon, and was waiting to get a better answer than "No" before she replied. She was BEYOND polite, gave me her contact info and wants to work something out. I was really impressed with her forthrightness, candor and charisma. Go Mary.
 Mr. Miller and I loved seeing our friends Bryan (Top right) and Bernadette (Bottom Right)! 
As always, the Slafters (Top) were ready for the gun show(Bottom Left). Mr. Miller's Mets friends (Bottom Right) were ready for the ASG Fan Fest!

What race is complete without yummy food? Our friends the Anders are going on a mission trip to South Africa to work with school students, so I attended their pancake social! It was a fun event with CLOSE attention to detail...Mrs. Anders is a party planner extraordinaire! If you need one, let me know. She's amazing.

Pancakes for a Cause

Finally, we ended the night with a @NikeNYC event. We got to go to a stickball game in Soho. Nike shut down the street and catered this event to perfection. It was fun watching Manhattan vs. Brooklyn while eating some Cracker Jacks and sipping some Heineken. 

 I love themed food. Yummy!
L-R Top to Bottom: Free baseball food, stickball, #makeitcount and DJ JAZZY JEFF! Perfection.

The event was fun, but DJ Jazzy Jeff made it amazing. The MC literally said "And we have DJ J---" and I started screaming, I'm such a fan! I just read a People magazine article about how he's still around, despite people thinking he's a has-been. Verdict? He was fantastic. 

How about you? Did you race this weekend? Did you run long this weekend? Do you love the Fresh Prince of Bel Air? TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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