Sunday, July 21, 2013

How awesome is too awesome?

We've all seen the awesome motivation on Pinterest. I've been there, done that. I LOVE pinning some "pinspiration"! It gets me motivated, reminds me to stay strong, and tells me that I can do it.

So true

Take chances

During this heat wave, I've been asking myself, how tough is too tough? I count myself pretty tough. I've toughed out two HOT summers of marathon training. I've done speed work on a hot afternoon as punishment for sleeping in. I've fallen, gotten up, and finished a run. I've wanted to throw up, but continued running despite it. I do my best to be AWESOME.

So true

Then, on Thursday night, my husband pulled the plug. I was going to a Nike run club with him to do a speed work workout. I was pumped. He called and said "It's way too hot. Let's skip this one." It was 98 degrees at 4pm, but felt like 9,843,905,394,839,020 degrees. I decided that he was right, it was a smart decision to skip the run.

I met these lovely runner gals for happy hour. They made it extra happy!

So, how far is too far? How much "extreme" in training is okay? AKA, how much "Are you crazy?" looks/comments do you get from the people in your life? I did okay running the Queensboro Bridge and working out at Nike Training Club in the heat on Monday because:

- I hydrated well.
- I didn't push my running pace.
- I poured water on my head more times than I'd like to admit. 

This is the "feels like" temp in my car...and yes, it DID feel like that!

As the week has gone on, the workouts have become more and more strenuous. With temps in the upper 90's daily and an EXTREME heat advisory in effect, I decided to take advantage of New York Sports Club's Heat Wave promotion. (Thanks Ashley for posting about it!) I was asked casually by the NYSC member specialist if I belonged to a gym etc. When I told him that my husband belonged to THAT gym, and I was simply a runner in need of treadmill heat relief, he left me alone. I enjoyed a few miles on the treadmill safely in the somewhat air conditioned gym (I'm always warm so of course I needed a towel for me sweat!). Between the afternoon treadmill and the morning's 1,000 meter swim, today's fitness was safe and cooler than usual.

This is a fun new kind of treadmill they have featured, it feels like running on a track. I like it!

How about you? When do you pull the plug on a workout? Do you skip it or take it indoors? Do you tough it out despite strenuous temperatures? Tell me about it!
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