Saturday, July 6, 2013

Why I'm not in Marathon Training

Well, it's no secret to those who know me. I didn't even plan on running a marathon last year, and I MYSTERIOUSLY won an entry into the NYC Marathon through the lottery. Everything was amazing in the training cycle, and I'm glad I ended up running the Philly Marathon. However, I was tired. SO tired. Between life and work, I was happy to officially retire from marathoning for a while back in November.

My marathon retirement / birthday party...but it happened the Friday after the NYC Marathon was supposed to happen...a bit premature, but we couldn't change the plans!

As a teacher, training for a fall marathon is difficult. September/October is the most stressful time for me as a teacher, and it's also peak time in training. I don't talk about it much on here because, well, we have social media guidelines that are pretty air tight. It's no secret that teachers are going to be receiving a new evaluation system thanks to the insane amount of media coverage in recent months. This new system will require even more work from me now, aka useless paperwork to prove that I am, in fact, a good teacher. Hey, better safe than sorry.

This is one of my only pictures from work...I had to buy shorts because I forgot mine for a runmute! Also pictured, my pink water bottle that I carelessly lost this week. RIP Pink Nalgene.

My school is also beginning to use two new forms of curriculum. This will require endless reading, even more planning, and inevitable stress levels rising. I know my training would suffer.

I want to spend time with my husband and family. I know Mr. Miller has had to sacrifice time with me when I obsessively go to sleep at 8pm on a Friday night (Heck let's be honest, I do that training or not!), and 5am wake ups on Saturday mornings for long runs. Also, we missed out on fall in Connecticut last year because I was obsessively training; I'd rather enjoy CT runs and spend time with family versus ensuring I hit my pace on a certain route. *I* want to run my life, not let the *run* run my life. Check out Lora's post for more thoughts on that.

Not pictured: MY SISTER MRS. WAITE WHO IS PREGNANT with Lucky niece or nephew #13!

I'm excited to CHEER for friends! So many people are running the NYC Marathon and I hope to be, barring any restrictions to access, getting a PR in cheering on the Queensboro Bridge. I'm also excited to be cheering for Ashley at the Hartford Marathon, and hopefully getting to Philly for Kim's marathon debut!

So, there will be no fall marathon for this runner. I know that runner envy is bound to happen, and I will certainly feel the tinge of sorrow to not be crossing a finish line this fall. However, I believe that my excitement for my friends will outweigh those negative feelings!

How about you? Do you get runner's envy when you aren't racing/training? Do you feel burnt out after training cycles? Are you running a fall full or half marathon? TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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