Monday, July 15, 2013

Races: does size matter?

After Saturday's 5k, I started thinking about race size. I was repeatedly frustrated by the crowds and being blocked in while trying to run. I was bobbing and weaving like a pro, which exerts so much energy that it becomes counter productive. However, in NYC, and especially in a NYRR race, there are thousands of runners to compete with on an often narrow course.

Can't even see the start line!

Large Race Pros:
- More competition
- Better Swag
- Better amenities (Bathrooms, fuel etc)

Large Race Cons:
- Bobbing and weaving
- Getting boxed in
- A seemingly large course becomes small with so many people

My 5k PR is from a small race in Connecticut. There were about 200 runners and I ran  fast (for me) without any real speed training (It was also November, which means my optimal cold weather for running!). I didn't have to worry about being boxed in.

Via From my 5K PR Race Jaime's Run, also known as the JK5K

Small Race Pros:
- Clearer roads
- Greater potential to place in your age group
- Often benefit a great cause

Small Race Cons:
- (Inevitably) cotton unisex race shirts
- Lack of amenities
- You could be uninspired while running alone/with less people

How about you? Do you prefer small races? Are your hometown races huge? Do you have a favorite race? What's your vote? TELL ME ABOUT IT! 
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