Friday, July 19, 2013

Running through A-Z

Abby Tagged me in a fun survey type post. Do you remember those old email surveys? Forwards? Oh boy. Those were classic. Get ready for some retro internet fun!


A. Attached or Single? Attached for 4 1/2 years!

B. Best friend? Besides the Mr.? My sisters and my Cancun Crew.

C. Cake or Pie? Pie

D. Day of Choice: Saturday, the best things happen on Saturdays.

E. Essential Item: Water, I am never without it.

F. Favorite Color: Blue

G. Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms? SOUR PATCH KIDS

H. Hometown: Manchester, CT

I. Favorite Indulgence: Ice cream. OR Froyo.

J. January or July? July for social/mental wellness since I'm on summer break (Though I work summer school). January for running/training! LOVE COLD RUNNING!

K. Kids? I teach them everyday, and I have lucky #13 niece or nephew on the way!

 The first 10 with my parents!
The youngest 2...with one in the oven!

L. Life isn't complete without: The beach. It has such healing powers.

M. Marriage Date: 12/20/2008

N. Number of brothers and sisters: two brothers and three sisters.

O. Oranges or apples: APPLES!

P. Phobias: White things, such as sour cream, milk, etc. I make my husband smell it despite the expiration date being two weeks away. WORST phobia is mayo. I can't even look at it. BLECH. Made me nauseous just typing it.

Q: Quotes: I am a Finisher. -Me
and this:

Nike Town NYC Pin It Here

R: Reasons to smile: Obviously this little guy!
Such a little lush...he had just turned 3 here, aka 21 in dog years.

Season of Choice: Fall in New York. There's nothing like it! (Abby I agree!)

T: Tag 5 People: Sheesh! Alright, get on it Steph, Kimmy, Jen, Michelle, and Liz.

U: Unknown fact about me: I have dermatographism, which means if I scratch myself it leaves raised hive that look like I've been abused/whipped for about ten minutes. Don't worry, I can show you my magic skin in person sometime ;-)

V: Vegetable: Carrots (Because avocado is a fruit...)

W. Worst habit? I major on minors and minor on majors. It's gotten me in trouble a few times. Trying to change my ways...

X: X-Ray or ultrasound: Well, since I've broken my knee twice, and my wrist twice, let's go with the diagnostic powers of x-rays.

Y: Your favorite food: Um, I can't choose one. Let's go with pizza and pasta. Mmmm.

Z. Zodiac sign: Don't know and don't care.

Feel nostalgic for your old school internet email survey days?! Go ahead and do it yourself! Let me know you did it so I can check it out!

How about you? Don't feel like answering all these Q's? Try one of these: Favorite Quote, Essential Items, Phobias or Worst Habit? Tell me about it!

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