Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How to Runmute!

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It's no secret that I love to run home from work. I often "runmute" after work. I've adjusted what I pack to make my runmute  more self-sufficient. Before, my coworker/carpool partner would bring my bag for me and I would pick it up afterwards. However, there were times when we couldn't connect to get my bag back. Plus, it's SUMMER now, so I'm running to fun get togethers instead of taking the train! So, I came up with a new plan.

Over sized water and holding my phone in my hand? NOT Runmute etiquette! 

What to bring: 
- WATER. I don't leave home without it. 
 HINT: I freeze my bottle so it stays cold throughout the run.

- Light shirt, dark shorts. 
HINT: Try to wear a light shirt to help block some of that heat, and dark bottoms to, well, hide that sweat!)

- Bring a credit card, ID, $5+ in cash, and a metrocard. 
 HINT: If in NYC! If you're going to work, bring a disposable bag with your things so you don't bring your whole bag to work, therefore you have nothing to leave!

- Something to hold your phone. 
HINT: Place your phone in a ziploc bag before storing to keep it dry!

- Ditch the Garmin. 
 HINT: Waiting for satelite is annoying, and having a huge watch on your wrist can be, well, weird. I use the Nike + app to estimate my runs because I have my phone with me anyway!

- If you're meeting someone, give them a towel and/or wet wipes/Showerpill to clean up a bit! 
HINT: You could also throw that into a Spibelt or any other storage belt!

What are your runmute possibilities? I enjoyed a great runmute day on Friday! On the agenda? FUN.

- Visit someone for lunch, dinner, or coffee! 
We had a delicious food truck lunch!

- Meet someone for a fitness class!

 This is a cucumber lime paleta. Holy amazing. Not pictured: Ashley and I went to a great hot yoga class!

- Run an errand by, well,  running there!

Whenever possible, I'll run into the Manhattan over the Queensboro Bridge to run my errands!

How about you? Do you ever runmute? Do you bike for errands? Do you prefer to just show up to things commuter sweaty vs. running sweaty? TELL ME ABOUT IT!

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