Friday, May 30, 2008

The end of May...

ONLY ONE MORE DAY LEFT IN MAY! And let me tell you, it's been a great month! Still haven't found an acceptable scale, but I feel better than I did at the first of the month! Anna asked me whether or not I have made made a "lifestyle" change, and I believe I have. Not eating dessert has become a lot easier. And I've had PLENTY of opportunity. And I feel like I've gotten better with snacking and keeping track of how much I eat and making healthier things to eat. And I definitely eat out differently as well, aiming for the healthier options from "Eat This, Not That".

In other news, IT'S THE WEEKEND! I'm so excited, tonight I have a date that was planned months ago with my friend Sarah! (She works at Evangel with Drew and Brian) We're going to see Sex in the City and I'm so excited. It's the girliest of girl flicks, even though some of it is a bit scandalous, I find it COMICAL. The reality of how they live is slightly far fetched (and by slightly I mean I KNOW people in Manhattan actually lead lives like this occassionally...) but it's the classic girl int he big city living her dreams and looking for Mr. Right with her bff's by her side; what more could I ask for?! Ha ha ha.

So yesterday I got a coverage...I WAS THE GYM TEACHER! And best of all, it was outside because the weather was nice! It was so much fun, we played hot potato and I sang all these stupid songs for it (Old McDonald, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, The Wheels on the Bus, Apples and Bananas, and Mary Had a Little Lamb), relay races, in the middle, spud, what a good time. I got a good tan too. I'm darker than I have ever been at this time of the year just from running and walking around.

So this weekend Brian is moving, another work out in itself. And ALEX IS BACK FROM CHINA! YEA! I'm really excited to see him and Jodi tomorrow night (This pic is from the day he left in September). Sidenote: Does anyone watch Lost?! This is sheer craziness right now!!! So many theories, I still have to watch the other season besides this one!

Alright off to finish my second book of the week...first one was "Between Sundays" by Karon Kingsbury, very very good, and the second is "The Secret Between Us" by Barbara Delinksy, it's pretty good but I REALLY liked her book "Family Tree", it was SO interesting, get it and read it.

As I say to my kids, HAVE A *FABULOUS* WEEKEND!
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