Sunday, July 26, 2009

10 miler week later...

So I went on a 10 mile run last Monday because I skipped it Sunday, and it was interesting to say the least. It started out really strong, and finished REALLY weak. I hadn't done a double digit run since April, in fact, maybe since my half marathon! BADDDDD. So I ran over the 59th st bridge and into Central Park to the 6 mile loop where I did my half marathon (two times around the loop) and my 10k in June. I was about 7 miles into my run and I seriously felt like stopping and dying. I had stopped to fill up my fuel belt at a water fountain because I had already drained 3 out of 4 bottles of water, and I take the Ryan Hall approach of walking when drinking so you actually get some hydration in your body instead of the awkward throw in the mouth and hope it makes it down! So I walked for 30 seconds to drink MORE water, and I prayed and said, "God I really don't know if I can do this. I wish Brian would call me or ANYTHING to keep me going!" No more than 1 minute later a biker goes by me and comes up next to me and says, "Nice run. I saw you back on the bridge, that's impressive. Keep going." I was then INSTANTLY reminded of how Anna had written a blog about encouragement, and how she had encouraged me to go out on my long run, and this guy continued what she had started! He didn't have to say anything, my gosh it's NYC, people don't TALK to each other! ;-) So I then encouraged this lady (my hero) running while pushing a jogging stroller with a baby no more than 2 months old and told her she looked great and the baby was BEAUTIFUL. She was so thankful. So, the run home (which I thought was 2 miles including the bridge) was actually 2.66 miles, so when I got to the bridge and walked up the hill part I felt totally defeated, nauseous (I even bought a banana because I had remembered I hadn't eaten!) but I ran the second half because I figured downhill is easier....which it was. When I got home and checked, I thankfully realized that I had covered about 11.3 miles, so there's gotta be 10 miles of running in their somewhere! ;-) And this past week was an ATROCIOUS first week of training because of...

being in a parking lot for 3 hours...

being in an outdoor venue by the beach for...

Dave Matthews Band...

11 rows back from the stage!

After all this, the very next day we headed to PA for Jodi and Alex's wedding! We went through many thunderstorms and it was a bit scary for a minute there, but we made it and the wedding was BEAUTIFUL! Enjoy:

My favorite decoration: Green floral ball!

The beautiful altar

Communion; my favorite picture: THE BEAUTIFUL/YUMMY CAKE!
I didn't see my husband for many moons!
Chopsticks were the favor. They do missionary work in China

Friends forever! Sweaty and danced out! Possibly my favorite picture of all time:

I hope you all enjoyed this...I'm thinking of doing my 9 mile run now...I wouldn't call my first week of training a you can tell, I was a bit busy!

GET OUT THERE! Happy Sunday!

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