Thursday, July 9, 2009

Frugal Summer

So, running update, first things first. Did 6 miles yesterday and none today, but we'll get to that. This weekend I'm running the "red dress run" in hartford, pending my calluses go away...more on that in the next paragraph! But anyway, it's a 5k, I'm shooting for 27 minutes, apparently my sister Jen did her last 5k in 25 min and change, so I have some tough competition! ;-) ALL my sisters (Melissa, Jennifer and Katelyn are their names!) are running in it, so I'm hoping we get matching tshirts that say "Sister 1, 2, 3, 4" etc...that was my condition when being bugged to do the 5k!

Onto the frugal summer headline and photo. This is a photo of me walking to work today. Hmmmm. Walking to work. 3 miles that is! Brian and I are trying to see how much money we can save. Normally I take the subway to work, but since it's summer and school is out, Brian and I work at espn zone in Times Square! ( We work 3-4 days a week and travel on the weekends, to the beach or CT or anywhere in between. I can't believe I said it, but I said to him, "Let's try to just live off of what we make at the restaurant!" Silly me, he took me seriously! So we are going to be EXTRA careful for the next two months or so. This includes walking to work as much as possible. Normally, I purchase a monthly metro card which means I can ride the subway as much as I want for 30 days...that just got raised to $89 from $81! Plus with us traveling away from NYC so much, it didn't make sense to get TWO monthly cards, so we're trying to walk more. This week alone we saved $25 (Cost per ride is $2.25)! We're going to go back to meal planning now. PLUS our restaurant started this cool thing called "Cast member meals" (We're owned by Disney, so we're called "cast members"..I know...) where they only charge us the COST of making certain meals, such as burgers for $3.50 normally $14, salads with chicken for $4 instead of $15, such great deals! Our guilty pleasure is eating out for breakfast, that has also been nixed. Sigh. Breakfast is a great eat out meal! I'll keep you updated!

Funny story of the day! We slept was my fault...snoozed 4 times...and we had to walk to work, so we leave an hour early. As we were rushing around and I tried to make eggs etc, Brian got our bag together for the restaurant. Well, he mistakenly packed 3 of his shoes and 1 of my he had a complete set and I only had one of my shoes matched with one of his shoes. UM that means a size 6 (I know I have little feet!) and a size 11 shoe! So I put on the mismatched pair, thankfully he packed HIS right shoe to be paired with MY left shoe, and I showed my general manager and pleaed, "Please, can I wear my sneakers?!" So it's a good thing we had walked with my running shoes! He agreed thankfully. Alas, I got two calluses on my heels because of the way I race around the restaurant is completely different from how I run! They hurt SO badly! Plus we had to walk 3 more miles home. I'd say I walked around 10 miles today. Ugh. So any callus remedies would be greatly appreciated. I know it wasn't smart to wear super thin socks either. Yuck.

Disney updates to come!
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