Monday, July 20, 2009

7 months!

I know I know I sound like a silly girl in high school counting least I'm not counting weeks! Ha ha but today marks 7 months since I married the love of my life. Here are some of my photog's pictures...forgive the scrolling message across them, copyright stuff you know! I'll discuss my 10 miler tomorrow...I'm just not ready yet ;-(

My dress & Sex & the City Shoes:
Our invite:

End of the night...blogger loads things backwards sorry!

The only time he said he'd ever dance for me:

My mini-me. She really did steal the show!

My party were TROOPERS! It was FREEZING! I had Uggs on ;-)

The snow backdrop is real. Trust me!

There was no heat except US in this gazebo!

Happy having only been outside 10 minutes! The red just POPS!

"You may kiss the bride..." I'm 5'2" he's 6'2" the math

The chairs were my "must have". I cut corners on a lot of things, but the chairs HAD to be covered. The elegance is evident ha ha ha!


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